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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/12/2006 5:45:16 PM EST
I'm watching a stand-up comic act right now on C-Span... Senator Kerry.

He's speaking to hizzown group (recorded yesterday), and he's getting laughs and applause as he whines about Katrina, and cries about the need for add-on armor for Humvees and how it's Rumsfeld's fault. You might wonder why he's rambling on. After all, he's not running for President; he tried that once, and it didn't work. BUT... he has a goal. His job, and it has been all along, is to do all of Hillary's complaining, because if she did it herself it would make her look like a whiner. He has nothing to lose, so he does her whining for her!

He just mentioned red states, blue states, and purple states... I suppose that implies diversity.

The show he is on is entitled "Road to the White House 2008."

Just a side note here: I thought that when a senator runs for President, he gives up his seat permanently. I seem to remember this was what happened to Bob Dole. If so, why is Kerry still Senator? I could be mistaken.

Now it's Sen. Feingold complaining about President Bush, and he is repeating the phrase "violated the law" over and over and over. I think this will be their new buzz-word. They gave him his minute; he's done, for now.
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