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Posted: 2/1/2011 2:19:10 PM EDT
Ok, where the fuck do I go to find those small square levels to make sure my rifle and scope aren't canted?

Can't find the damn things anywhere! Just a simple square piece of plastic with a bubble in it. Not with a plastic frame, not rounded, not with extra shit... Just a square clear piece of plastic/glass with a bubble in it.
Link Posted: 2/1/2011 2:40:09 PM EDT
I'd just buy a vial from Starrett

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Link Posted: 2/1/2011 3:11:09 PM EDT
How about the bubble from a string level?

Link Posted: 2/1/2011 3:24:00 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Mr_Harry:
How about the bubble from a string level?

Yep, they call them Line Level Bubbles. Any hardware store should have them.

Though I prefer the real ones from Weaver, etc. They're a little more compact and also have magnets on them.

I would get a few and check them against each other since one might be off a little.
Link Posted: 2/1/2011 4:56:34 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/1/2011 7:26:13 PM EDT
McMaster Carr

3/4 of the way down the page, item "M".

They have several models:
M 13/32" Sq. × 1 9/64" Lg. 0.16 44 __ 3338A14 $2.20
M 15/32" Sq. × 1 37/64" Lg. 0.16 44 __ 3338A16 $2.26
M 15/32" Sq. × 2 13/64" Lg. 0.13 38 11/64" 3338A22* $1.11

Here are how I use them:

In the picture those are item number 3338A14.

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