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Posted: 12/31/2002 12:06:38 PM EDT
After using a hand thrower for the last few years I've decided to buy a good manual (maybe electric) machine. About a year ago I bought a Hoppes manual thrower for $60 and it was junk! I bet the machine wouldn't throw the clays more than 25 yards IF THAT! I would love to have a good electric trap, but I don't think I won't to give that much money for something I would use on a limited basis. My father and I just like to do it as a hobby on the weekend at the farm. We shoot around 4000 rounds a year using the hand thrower. Needless to say our arms get tired! :) I just started looking at these machines and like the looks of the Lincoln SC-90E for around $650 I would more than likely buy the combo model for $688. I also saw that they had a Falcoln for $425. What is the big diffrence in these two other than price? Their website *link above* doesn't go into great detail. How far will these grade of traps throw the clays? Remember, I'm use to a hand thrower! I would use it only for trap shooting in multiple angles (high, low, etc.) Can someone explain the 3/4 cock to me? With the 3/4 do you have to recock another 1/4 turn before each throw or can you let it cock itself automatically each time with a 3/4 cock without ever having to cock? The reason I ask this is my father has a bad back and I don't know how much bending and pulling he can take over a day. I also looked at a Outers SST for $1000, but am hesitant on this one since all the other electric traps start out at around $2000+. I want something that will last for many years (I maintain all of my gear to the highest level) If you had to compare an Outers SST to a Lincoln SC-90E which one would be better based on function and not convenince? If I decide to go manual what other models should I look into? Any advice would be greatly appereciated. The Laporte entry level $2000 model is not out of the realm of possibility, but compared to the Lincoln 90 how would it compare? BTW, where in Kentucky can you find these grade of traps?
Link Posted: 12/31/2002 12:11:02 PM EDT
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