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Posted: 2/11/2001 3:32:12 PM EDT
Anyone else have this (or the opposite) problem?  I've heard its pretty common. I also play hockey left handed but play golf right handed - can't play either for crap the other way - go figure   [%|]  

My question is, what have y'all done about it?  I'm looking for my first AR, and have pretty much decided on an Armalite M15a2 16 in barrel with a Trijicon Reflex II mounted on the carry handle.  That way I can sight with my left without closing my right. I can't get the correct position with the a4 because the sight's too low to see with my left eye.  Any suggestions on a better set up?

Link Posted: 2/11/2001 3:47:31 PM EDT
Hey Dillweed, I'm right eye dominant,but left foot and handed. I shoot a pistol with my left eye open and right shut.If I don't my right eye takes over and I'm all over the place. I shoot iron sights the same way. When I shoot with my red dot sight on my ar it does not seem to bother me to much in the way of accuracy. I used to play golf right handed and helped me since left arm is stronger and thats where you get your power. Had a pretty good left draw to on those dog leg lefts. Armalite M15A2 16" is a good choice. I also own that model. You might be able to shoot the ReflexII with both eyes open with no problem.

Link Posted: 2/11/2001 3:52:40 PM EDT
I agree with Matt, but another thing you could try, (but it might suck) is to learn to shoot left handed.  It won't be much fun, but it would solve your problem.  
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 3:53:35 PM EDT
Y'all MUST be from South of the Mason-Dixon Line!![BD]

BTW, I'm right hand (shooting, writing,eating) but use the Left for wiping.

Link Posted: 2/11/2001 4:05:38 PM EDT

I'm pretty good with my pistols. I shoot right handed, but with both eyes open.  I use a weaver stance, which allows me to sight with my left and keep my right open.  When I was first learning I did what you do, but found this works better.  Its faster and allows you to see things on your perifery.  You have to train yourself to do it, but I recommend making the attempt.

I've tried sooting rifles and psitols left handed, but I just can't keep from shooting like a retard when I do. Just won't work.  I think maybe it has to do with my hockey/golf problem mentioned above.  

I was looking at the reflex as a close quarters combat type piece. I'm hoping I can keep both eyes open and get quick target acquisition.  If I put it low on a flat top I end up putting my front teeth right on the stock because my heads turned toward 2 o'clock.   [BD]
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 4:05:54 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 4:08:08 PM EDT
I am the same way, left eye, right handed. I have practiced with both eyes open until I no longer 'let' the left eye dominate. You can also get to the point where you wont blink at the report of the round going off. Open sighted rifles are tougher but with lots of practice your left eye will get lazy enough to allow the right to assume it`s role. At first it will feel unnatural and at times impossible, dont tire your eyes out, do it as much as you can each shootin session. One day it will be easy and will come naturally.
Or become a lefty.
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 4:13:36 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 4:19:39 PM EDT
You guys who trained yourself to shoot rifles the other hand - did you do the same thing when shooting sidearms?  

I'd think learning to shoot a rifle the other way would be bad enough, but pistols??  [:X*]
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 4:24:11 PM EDT

Cross-dominance is pretty common, at least in the Hunter's Ed classes I teach.

The solution is chosen by simply answering a question:  Do you want to shoot or do you want to shoot AND hit your target?  If you want to hit, the easiest way is to learn to shoot according to your eye dominance.

Link Posted: 2/11/2001 4:25:46 PM EDT
Point taken
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 4:41:44 PM EDT
I'm right handed and left eye dominant.  I shoot a handgun with my right hand and left eye.  I shoot a rifle right handed with my left eye closed.  I'm a very good shot with either a handgun or rifle.  I only experience a problem during extended shooting sessions, such as prarie dog hunting.  When I use the scope as a field glass after a period of time my eyes become blurry when not looking through the scope.
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 4:47:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 5:20:41 PM EDT

Perhaps you are one of the exceptions, but the majority of good shooters shoot in accordance with their eye dominance.

BTW, what part of Montana are you in?  I grew up in central Montana (had to leave in order to work) and had some outstanding shooting coaches (guys like Wigger, Jewel and Sprague).  They can sure take someone to the highest levels, including the Olympics.

Link Posted: 2/11/2001 6:29:11 PM EDT
It is ok dillweed.  We on the dark..um left side are always recruiting new mwmbers.

Seriously shooting an AR left handed is a breeze.  I was worried about that when I first bought mine but the brass deflector does work.

Lefties Rule!
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 7:29:37 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 9:18:43 PM EDT
I too am a right-hand/left-eye shooter.  I tried shooting left handed, but quickly decided it would be much easier to work on my eye than it would be to work on my hand and body positions.  The main problem is that my right eye is weak due to a vision problem that has now been corrected for the most part.  My right eye seems to "jumble" patterns such as word, letters, bulls eyes, and front sight posts.  I hope it gets better with exercise.
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 10:15:31 PM EDT
Glad to hear I'm not the only one shooting pistols right handed with my left eye in a modified weaver stance.  It works fine for me.  Do any of you shoot open sighted rifles the same way?  I have limited experience with open sighted rifles. Don't even own one right at present, just a couple scoped ones...
Link Posted: 2/12/2001 12:25:11 AM EDT
I born with lazy eye so I have 20/400 vison in my left eye. I shoot pistols left handed an rifles with my right,
Link Posted: 2/12/2001 7:16:52 AM EDT

The solution is chosen by simply answering a question:  Do you want to shoot or do you want to shoot AND hit your target?  If you want to hit, the easiest way is to learn to shoot according to your eye dominance.

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Dang, I hit my targets with very good results.
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