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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/8/2002 11:46:15 AM EST
Ok here is where we point out that us cavemen can beat up superjudo black belt feamles no matter what. That said, something is better than nothing. When a woman actually has to fight for her survival, whatever gets her home mostly intact is a good thing. For that reason training is necessary if for no other reason than to instill a will to fight and survive. In a flat out confrontation with a rapist/killer a female will proabably be overpowered by he attacker. Not too many guys with pee wee herman builds out their causing trouble. Most tend to be prehistoric throwbacks with more power than ability to reason or feel compassion. Never a good combination. And unless really lucky and able to get some clean disabeling shots in and an opportunity to get the f*ck outta dodge a female will almost always lose. But I feel if you are gonna die, die fighting. So how to hedge the bet? When I used to teach openly the first thing I suggested to new female students was CCW firearms. Most were there to learn how to protect themselves without resorting to deadly force or evil bad guns. I kept a file in the office with pictures of the remains of murder/rape victims just for these cases. But there are many instances when a firearm just won't be there. First many just carry in the car, etc. and not on the person. Also many live in states with laws that prevent CCW or even loaded carry. For whatever reason a person can find themselves without a gun. It is my experience that the next best solution is pepper spray. And noth the weak watered down on a keychain crap from Kmart. 10% mad dog red pepper spray. The more heat units the better. I even know people who carry "bear spray" nasty stuff, not legal for use on people but that is your call. This is one of the few things I've seen that drops 'em cold in the majority of cases. This leaves you free to get the f*ck outta dodge. BTW your goal is always to get the f*ck outta dodge. Don't get cute and start stepping on Mr. Rapists nutsack because he is down. You got a chance to bail you take it. If not you can end up meeting Mr. Rapists Accomplice who sneaks up on you. Air Tasers and taser guns. They work. But they can fail, miss etc. Also if you can carry this you can carry a real firearm. Most states that ban handgun carry also ban these under the same law. The are better than nothing, but not as good as real firearms. Stun guns. These just about get you killed or raped everytime. Tehy bring the victim into what is called "controllable distance" to the attacker. If you are close enough to stun him, he is close enough to begin to beat the shit out of you. These also come in power ranges from "You fucking bitch, now I'm gonna kill you" to "mildly annoying." I have never seen a stun gun drop sombody the way a taser does in real time appliaction. I have seen two guys compete with each other over who can stun themselves the longest. One guy could juice himself for up to 4 seconds with contact on his bare forearm. 4 seconds is plenty long to lose a fight decisively. All the other self defense/anti rape gadgets are mostly noise and useless. Feel free to add.
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