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Posted: 7/21/2008 7:59:32 AM EDT

I made a sand box for my kids and instead of using wood I just dug a hole and lined it with landscaping cloth and intended to fill it with sand. Now the problem: The hole is aboout 8x7 and is 10 inches deep. I bought some of the "play sand" and 10 bags didn't even make a dent. Everyone I have spoken too in my family says I have to use play sand and that bulk sand is not good for a sand box. But at 2 bucks a bag it is cost prohibitive. I can go to a garden center and get bulk sand by the yard much cheaper and load it in a pickup.

So any advice on using just construction sand vs. play sand? Am I going to do permanent damage to my kids if I let them play in construction sand instead of sterile washed play sand?


Link Posted: 7/21/2008 8:15:23 AM EDT
It's going to have cat scat in it inside of a week if it's not covered every minute they are not in it but no you don't need play sand. SS
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 10:29:17 AM EDT
Thanks for the reply, I have a tarp to cover it with and anyway my dog really only likes the one cat we have, all others animals are to chase or eat (birds squirrels, snakes, chicken, skunks etc...)

From the way my step father was talking, anything but play sand is toxic to children and with one kid who eats sand and one kid who throws sand well.... I figured it was BS as I grew up with a sand pit filled with construction sand but just wanted to be sure before I let my kids loose in it.

Link Posted: 7/21/2008 12:06:39 PM EDT
You may find the general purpose/construction/"sharp" sand to be a bit too abrasive for little ones to play in.
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 12:14:30 PM EDT
I don't know, but I'd be interested to hear what you find out. Be sure to post after you decide.
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 12:44:00 PM EDT
I just spoke with the local concrete company, Kuert Concrete, and they have the low down. The "play sand" is in fact "fine mason sand" and it cost $12.00 per ton in north central Indiana . If you show up in a dump truck there is no loading fee, if I go in my brothers s-10 its a 7 dollar fee per trip. Based on the dimensions of the box it I will need about 1.75 yards of sand at 2300 lbs per yard. Much cheaper to buy that hten at $2.50 per 50 lb bag. so for aboout the cost of the sand I have in there I will be able to fill the rest of it upMatt
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 12:51:30 PM EDT
Just be carful that you don't turn 24 bucks worth of sand into 2000 bucks worth of damage to your brother's S-10. In other words, at 7 bucks extra per trip, you'll be tempted to overload the truck-don't do it!
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 12:58:44 PM EDT
Actually, he has a friend who has a tree service company and has a few dump trucks. He is going to call to see if we can borrow one.

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