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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/30/2005 10:18:15 PM EDT
I need some serious help with some jogging issues.

long story short i was in the Police Academy and had some problems with running.
lead a seriously sedentary lifestyle and went from that to full throttle well needless to say didn't work out real well and had to drop. Knees killing me calf cramping so bad i couldn't stand on it turns out i had a strained tendon (6 doctor visits later to tell me this.

anywho I wanna go back into the academy and i need to figure out how to get to 3 miles three times a week.

I have continued stretching it just feels good.
I have been walking alot more and farther.(used to walk pretty pigeon toed straightened that out doc said that was a huge problem)

getting ready to hit the tread mill again (cold and shitty outside)
got some new shoes fitted.

any other ideas or hints or tricks or non running things to get ones wind up.?

Link Posted: 12/31/2005 2:01:48 AM EDT
Congratulations on choosing to continue pursuing an active lifestyle. Did your doctor lay out any guidelines for a return to exercise?

If not, my advice is to 1. Continue your stretching. Nobody really enjoys it including me, but it is so necessary. I started taking a Core fitness/Yoga class twice per week to force me to do those things that I don't like at least a couple of times per week.

2. Start mixing in some jogging with your walks, maybe 5 minutes at a time. Walk very briskly between jogging sessions (4 mph or so). Every few days cut back on the rest breaks between jogs and extend the jogging time by 1-2 minutes until you get to 3 miles of jogging. Stretch (at least your calves) before and after your workout.

3. Don't run on consecutive days. The number of days run consecutively is a pretty good predictor of injury frequency. Cross train or rest actively on your non-running days.

4. Check your diet to make sure that you are getting enough electrolytes to fight the cramping. Bananas, sweet potatoes, and potatoes have plenty of potassium to keep your muscles running right.

Good luck and check back in to let us know how you are doing.

Link Posted: 12/31/2005 5:57:29 AM EDT
What's your weight? By your post it sounds like you are probably overweight. Excess weight makes it very tough to run because it's brutal on your joints.

Alternate on different days the way that you run. Try running short distances fast, interval training(running at a sprint for about 100-400 yards and then walking about the same distance and then running another sprint), and then an occasional long distance run. That will get you in shape pretty quickly depending on your weight.

What academy were you going to??
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 8:09:51 AM EDT
cool sounds good guys thanks.

doctor i went to just told me to run thru the cramps it should just go away after awhile.

well a couple of other doctor visits later and a sports therapist i found out there was a few actual problems.

St Louis city is the academy.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 12:15:17 PM EDT
Since you're just starting out, I'd caution against trying to do any speed at this point. Long, slow distance work is what's going to burn calories best and build a good aerobic/cardiovascular base. Walk and jog; if you can't carry on a conversation, you're probably pushing too fast.

Good call on running every other day, especially at first, but on non-running days, still do something to get your heart rate up enough to where you're sweating. Ride a bike, hit the elliptical trainer, walk up and down the stadium steps at the high school football field.

Best of luck to you. Hope you make it through academy!
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 1:55:00 AM EDT
Ease into things. First say three days a week Monday Wednesday and Friday walk for 30 minutes on you treadmill. You second week try walking for 9 minutes and run for a minute. You third week walk for 4 minutes and run for a minute. The important thing it to get the time and mileage in. Make sure you transition into running easy running for minute every 5 and moving up to 2 minute run breaks.

The way I got into shape was. Last year I went out to the park and I said I am going to walk around the park for a half hour. The next day I went out and tried to go farther in that 30 minutes. I did this a couple days a week till I could cover the 3 mile loop. Now I am running 10 miles at a time. You just have to get and move.
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