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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/15/2002 4:13:14 AM EST
I bought into their advertisement, about bed liners rubbing off the paint , checked mine and sure enough, it had happened. So I go to my local dealer and get a Rhino bed liner. Good for three years , of course it doesn't see any really hard use, first time I use it to haul some brick , they shift in the bed and scrape off some of the liner, leaving exposed metal. I call my dealer and say "life time guarantee" he says not against gouges. Now watch their TV commercial, construction guy throwing stuff onto his truck bed. I ask about the 1/4" inch thick spray,because mine is about 1/8 " thick, he says " that is up to 1/4" spray, so here is my question, is it my local dealer or is this a standard type of thing?
Link Posted: 7/15/2002 4:20:42 AM EST
That sucks. I have had a Rhino in my truck for two years now and love it. I think your Rhino dealer is full of it, I know a guy that just had his 5 year old liner fixed after it tore. It sounds to me like the dealer doesn't want to honor the warranty, I would call Rhino Liners corporate office and see what their position is.
Link Posted: 7/15/2002 5:57:33 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/15/2002 5:59:54 AM EST by dieselpwer]
My dad had Rhino in his old truck for about 8 years and it saw some abuse and held up well. He has Bullhide in his new Duramax and it has done well too. I think that they are all pretty much the same anymore. Sounds like you mighta got the last bed out of the barrel and it never got sprayed as thick as it should have or didnt setup or mix right. I'd go back and see what the hell the deal is. I know a local bed shop here makes deals with dealer ships to just coat the bed on the used trucks they are selling just enought to cover the scratched up paint in the bed. It's a LineX place. Diesel
Link Posted: 7/15/2002 6:10:26 AM EST
I had the Rhino Liner installed in my new F-150 last October. It has held up very well although admittedly I don't haul anything to abusive in it. The liner appears to only be about 1/8" thick in my truck also. My guess would be that if I were hauling loose shifting bricks, my lining wouldn't be thick enough to prevent gouging. Knowing what I know now - if I were to do it again, I would let the dealer know that the liner will see heavy use and to make absolutely make sure that the liner was sprayed on 1/4" thick. Still I would never do a drop-in...
Link Posted: 7/15/2002 6:17:54 AM EST
Sorry to hear that I have been very impressed with everyone I have owned.
Link Posted: 7/15/2002 6:41:26 AM EST
I have been thinking of get one of these liners for my Dodge 1500. How much are they?
Link Posted: 7/15/2002 6:46:14 AM EST
here is my question, is it my local dealer or is this a standard type of thing?
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I think it's your dealer. The tailgate and floor of the bed on mine was sprayed 1/4" thick and the walls were 1/8" thick. I was assured that if it tore that the warranty would cover it. I've had it for four-and-a-half years now in my pickup and it's held up fairly well. I had it in another pickup that I sold to my parents and it's held up after six years even under rigorous use. If I were to line another pickup bed, I'd use that roll-on stuff, [url=http://www.herculiner.com]Herculiner[/url]. It's a little time consuming, but at about $100 for a liner like Rhino or Line-X, it may be worth a try.
Link Posted: 7/15/2002 7:17:59 AM EST
My fishin' buddy had one on a Ford PU for at least five years. It was used and abused. It held up great. For the snow munchers up north, the weight will definitely help for traction. That dang tail gate must of weighed 80#s or more! I think you're getting hosed.
Link Posted: 7/15/2002 3:24:50 PM EST
Thanks all , have e mailed the Corp. HQ will see whats happens, again thaks to all.
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 4:26:48 AM EST
I think you got stuck with a crappy dealer. I used Ziebart's for my spray in Rhino liner and the floor is 1/4" or slightly more with about 1/8" on the walls. It's been very durable for the 2 years that have had it. Someone mentioned the do it yourself Herculiner. There is a review of that product with pictures of someone doing their truck. According to them it was a decent option for light duty use.
Link Posted: 7/27/2002 12:57:54 PM EST
Final Post - F*** Rhino Bed Liner Corp. they pretty much blew me off, so I will order a can of bed liner from JC Whiney and patch it. Live and learn, I guess you got to get it in writing anymore.(warrenty info. not advertisement info)
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 1:17:06 PM EST
My uncles and I that I work with had a Rhino liner put in one of our F-150's and we haul lots of firewood and logs of all sizes and shapes just being tossed in there. We also haul sandstone and limestone in it and there has been not a scratch or gouge or tear of any kind in the liner at all. The dealer we bought ours from gave us a lifetime warranty on it. We have been very impressed with ours.
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 1:58:21 PM EST
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