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Posted: 5/4/2004 7:15:36 AM EST
Here is the article written by Gonzalez, insulting Pat Tillman and his fellow soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Here is the response a good friend of mine e-mailed to the editors of The Daily Collegian:


Just some questions for you:

1) Are you an English grad student? Your writing is
really pretty awful. I'm surprised your editor let your
piece get published as-is, never mind the content, but
the style. "Self-critical incapable nation", and the
scare quotes around the words awe and sacrifice? Surely
you can come up with a better way to express yourself!

2) You claim you could tell that Pat Tillman was a macho
type of guy (whatever that means) by his "scowling, beefy
face on the CNN pictures". Are you involved in profiling
based on looks? Are you suggesting that scowling, beefy
types are macho types? You don't really define either of
these concepts. Servicemen come in all shapes and sizes.
Are Rangers that are not beefy, still macho or are
Rangers that are beefy AND scowl macho or are all Rangers
macho, but you can only tell that they are macho by their
beefiness or scowling? Personally, I have found that an
individual who wears the Ranger tab to be a pretty macho
person, but I had never considered beefiness or scowling
as a macho or Ranger trait. Tillman did play
professional football, an occupation in which beefiness
is at a premium. Can you see where this is headed? I
can't either.

3)What exactly is the stupidity of the Afghanistan and
Iraq wars? Should we let our enemies plot our
destruction (even U Mass grad students) in peace and
quiet or just wait until they kill enough of us to get
our attention and then go get them? But seriously, a
policy difference over the war or a different approach,
might be a discussion, but to just call it stupid without
any demonstration of its stupidity, that would be,

4)Which neighborhood is "yours" in Puerto Rico? Are you
an out of state student paying out-of-state tuition? If
you are paying in-state rates, then I would suggest that
makes you a Bay Stater, or at least, a Massachusetts
citizen, and more important, an American, not a Puerto

5)Idiot is derived from a Greek word meaning one who does
not participate in 5th century B.C. Athenian politics.
Can't you do better than to call Tillman names? Couldn't
you describe how his choices were ill-informed or
foolish? Did you editor press you for space?

6)You claim that America is an "all-powerful" nation. Did
you watch TV on September 11th? Even CNN showed some of
the events, of course they haven't since...How is America
all-powerful? Or is it? If it is, how do you think it got
that way? I would opine that it is due to a free people
who through Judeo-Christian culture control their
passions and vices and have a system of government
allowing for free people to voluntarily wage free market
enterprise at a rate unmatched by a centralized economy,
regardless of size. Productivity and individual happiness
and freedom are maximized. The government is able to
field a military composed of free men who willingly fight
due to their understanding and devotion to the cause of
individual liberty. What's you reason for America's
supposed "all-powerful" status?

7) You claim Afghanistan is a "seventh-rate" power? What
does this mean? On September 11th, they were a first-rate
power, or at least maybe a sixth. Also, on the days that
Al Qaeda struck US embassies and the USS Cole,
Afghanistan was probably higher than seventh, right?
Again, you're not being very precise.

8)You say that "Ramone or Tyrone" have joined the
military out of financial necessity or to have a chance
at education. This is puzzling. Who are Ramone and
Tyrone? I'm assuming you are using stereotypical Hispanic
and black names. Again, this is awful writing. Can't U
Mass's editors do better? Do you have some statistics on
the racial make-up of our armed forces and some data on
their reasons for joining? How about at least for the
Army Rangers? That would buttress your argument. Infantry
units are made up of all racial and ethnic backgrounds,
but not the proportion that many would assume. Infantry
units are mostly white, particularly units such as the
Army Rangers. Besides, you have to volunteer for not only
the Army, and infantry, but for the Rangers and go
through US Army Ranger school, which is really hard. A
Ranger cadet in the middle of the Florida Everglades who
has lost thirty pounds and is considering eating some
moss because he is starving and has a migraine headache
from not sleeping and is about to begin yet another night
patrol is unlikely motivated by financial necessity or
the chance at education. So I ask, to what do you ascribe
the motivations of men who serve in the US Armed Forces?
I would wager that each individual is motivated by his
own choice, such as one would expect in a free market

9)You claim that Clint Eastwood and Rambo movies push
people into nationalistic fantasies. Should there be a
lawsuit pending? What fantasy was Tillman acting out?
With the money at his disposal, a Play Station and a game
probably could have helped him out. I suspect he had a
higher calling that a fantasy. Ranger school, which as
stated before is voluntary, probably would have satisfied
his desire for fantasy. Are all Army Rangers seduced by
fantasy? or just Tillman? What about his brother? What
about boxer Riddick Bowe, who lasted only three days in
the Marine Corps Recruit Training? That was way before
9/11? Was he acting out of a desire for fantasy? Was he
watching too many Clint Eastwood movies?

10) You say someone with a "bigger gun" did him in. I'm
assuming U Mass has an ROTC unit. You could probably find
a US Army soldier nearby and ask some questions. "Gun" is
only used referring to artillery or naval gunfire. Was
Tillman killed by terrorists with artillery? Was he
himself carrying some top-secret, personal artillery
piece? Even a direct fire 60 mm mortar would be quite a
story for Tillman, but maybe not, you noted he was
"beefy". Do you know anything about US military small
arms or some of the fine Russian and Chinese made
Kalashnikov products on the terrorist market? Maybe you
saw some "guns" in your "old neighborhood"? Please
explain how someone with a bigger gun killed Tillman.

11)You say that America has only to play the cheerleader
role in conflicts that have no credibility. History shows
that Americans have always resolutely and overwhelmingly
supported our armed conflicts. Which American conflicts
had no credibility? With whom? U Mass grad students?
Islamic sleeper cells inside America? Benefactors of the
Iraq-UN Oil for Food money? Communist governments
worldwide? Japanese Emperors? German staff officers?
Barbary Tyrants? King George III?
Again, how does this war, or these wars if you must, have
no credibility? Then wouldn't Tillman be at least a hero
for saving the lives of "Tyrone and Ramone" in a war that
had no credibility, freeing them up for a life no longer
bound by financial necessity or lack of an education?
Isn't a significant section of American intelligentsia
always wishing "the rich" to "give back" to the poor?
Shouldn't their be May Day celebrations for Tillman's
solidarity with the poor wretch who is forced, (because
of less than 6% unemployment in the world's most
productive economy in the history of man), to
join...gasp, the Army (!) and wage a counterfeit imperial

12)You mention that it would be appropriate to join the
armed forces if the east coast were to be invaded. Why
not the west coast or our other borders? What about US
embassies our US Navy ships? Those are all sovereign
American territory. Did you ever read about the USS Maine
being destroyed? That event started a war? So did Pearl
Harbor? But, if it's only the east coast, all the way
from Maine to the Florida Keys or just the Northeast?
What if our enemies use hijacked planes to attack New
York and Washington, D.C.? Would that suffice for you to
give your approval of others to serve? What would it take
for you to serve? Perhaps you could be an officer? If you
decide not to serve, why not? I don't think your
lifestyle is morally repugnant?Is mine? Was Tillman's?

13) What careful and logical changes of the underlying
conditions that allow Al Quadea's ideology to foster
would you recommend? Again, you may have been running out
of space, but at least something, please! The rest of us
are engaged in this war and if you know how to win it,
then please, share! I think you are suggesting that
Islamic terrorists are poor, therefore they are angry and
want to kill people in airplanes and while they are going
to work. How come the oh-so-poor US armed forces
enlistees haven't made a "We Hate the Middle East" club
and gone to kill them? Is it because "rich capitalists"
have exploited the "poor" in America and the rest of the
world? Is it because the wealth is concentrated in just a
few hands of the Zionist-Bush elders? First, Al-Qaeda
mebers are predominantly middle class and I understand
that Bin Laden himself as well as Arafat are quite
personally wealthy. It also seems to me that the
oppressive States that exist in the Middle East seem to
have a heavy burden on the people there and a free market
is not allowed to flourish. It seems the disparity of
wealth in Saudi Arabia and Iraq are pretty high, much
higher than say repressive places like Texas. Again, what
is YOUR strategy for winning this war? I would say that
killing our enemies until they have had enough is the
only sure-fire way to protect our nation and our
government that most likely underwrites the interest on
your grad school loans. Since I am a taxpayer, I feel I
deserve better than your writing, if not for content, at
least for style.

Please, let us know this strategy! The war is costing a
lot of money and good men are dying.
Please tell us you have something from the old, tired
Marxist-Chomsky drivel!

As for content, your thoughts and actions show that you
are something less than a man. People like Pat Tillman
are so much greater, even in death, than you may ever be
in your life. God Bless you, son, you're going to need

Oh yeah, and if U Mass ever gets attacked, call up the
ROTC unit, you'll find someone there who can protect you
and find you some clean underwear.

Capt John S.
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 7:19:26 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 7:22:18 AM EST
It's good to see people who don't hate America Pound on this little Greasy Bitch.

Link Posted: 5/4/2004 7:28:13 AM EST
Nice letter.... too bad the cheese-weasel will never answer it though. He's too busy hiding under his mother's skirt
after the buttpounding that he's gotten here of late......
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 7:31:15 AM EST
It's a free country. The problem is, people like that asshat think they can call names and make up shit as they go along and not have to experience other people's opinions in response.

People like that asshat take uninformed, misleading potshots at others and then scurry behind the Bill of Rights, desperately trying to avoid a debate they so idealistically started in the first place.
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 7:36:06 AM EST
Rene........isn't that a female name?Or is it a french word that means:"The undigested corn which rides withen the stinking,expelled turd?"
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