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Posted: 10/8/2001 12:26:30 AM EDT
In the back of my mind for a while has been this little nagging voice--"you need an accurate, scoped autoloader in .308". I have a DSA Standard and Carbine along with an SAR-48. None of which are ideal platforms for scopes. I was hoping to find a sub MOA autoloader with match ammo. The possibles: DSA--Medium contour or Hbar gun with a custom fixed scope mount and trigger job (pro--takes FAL mags, con--expensive for the gun/mount). HK 91 tricked out with PSG-1 goodies or at least a good adjustable buttstock and Williams set trigger. Pro--it's an HK, Con--very expensive. HK PSG-1. Pro--it is an HK. Con--my wife would rip my nuts off if I ever spent $13k on a gun (and I am rather fond of most of my body parts, and would like to keep them attached). M1A--a definite possible, accurate enough if worked over by a good gunsmith. Pro--not as expensive, mags are moderately priced. Con--Doesn't have a pistol grip. AR-10--definitely accurate enough, Pro--not terribly expensive (especially as an Eagle Arms gun), Con--mags are godawful expensive for it. So, I am back to a new possibility--the AR-10 from ASA that takes FAL mags. I realize ASA had some quality problems in the past, but I seem to recall someone mentioning that they are doing better lately. The FAL mags would be a definite plus, and the flat top is a nice built in scope mount. Does anyone have experience with their recent products or this gun in particular? I would have asked this at the ASA industry forum, but it is kind of dead over there. Thanks, AFARR
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 12:54:26 AM EDT
FYI The Armalite AR-10 can use M-14/M1A magazines. It was originally designed to do so. The [B]ONLY[/B] difference is that the won't hold the bolt open on the last shot [B]BUT[/B] they can be modified to do so. Armalite offers this service but doesn't refinish the magazines. If cost is the issue then I would suggest buying as many M-14 mags as you can then over time, as money permits, have them modified or learn how to do it yourself [I don't know the details of the modification, call Armalite]. I have looked into the AR-10 many, many times in the past but the cost always put me off. I would have bought a kit or parts if I had know of a source prior to the ban here in California. Ever, if ever this ban somehow goes away I would buy one or if I get out of this state but that is another topic in itself..... Anyway, good luck!
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 2:01:06 AM EDT
About a year ago I read on FAL files that because of the design of the bolt and gas system (if memory serves me), it is very difficult to build a sub-MOA FAL. This is not the case with the M1A and as a result, it's a better choice. I have 3 FALS and I cannot get the level of accuracy that I get out of my M1A.
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 7:27:41 AM EDT
I wasn't aware that ASA actually started production yet. I heard the rumor they were trying but also heard (from ArmaLite) that it would be very difficult to make the common parts of an AR10 (bolt/boltcarrier fire control parts) to work in a lower that uses the FAL mag. (would have to be longer).
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