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Posted: 2/10/2001 6:16:59 PM EDT
Well, just wanted to ask about this...package.

Old military M1 Garand, stored in an armory back east, possible late 40's early 50's (says barrel).  Being an armory gun, this Garand fell pray to the disassembly, reassembly (so nothing is 'original' in that sence). Original barrel scratched brass on ejection, so new barrel put (as in new old factory barrel).  Wood looks like it was refinished, but long ago.  Metal looks good, would rate 80%-85% and has flash hider and green (not factory?) sling.  Has a box, a bandoleer (spelling) and 40 8round clips.

*WWIIish M1 Garand (late 40's early 50's)
*'new' barrel (old one still w/ it)...so 'extra' barrel
*comes w/ 40 clips
*80% finish on metal
*wood looks redone, but okay to good
*sling (not leather)..
*bandoleer (what the loaded clips stay on)

OKay, hard to ask this question, but how much would you say it's worth (and what would you pay for that package.)


Link Posted: 2/10/2001 9:51:58 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/10/2001 10:04:48 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 12:43:45 AM EDT
If it is all original USGI without Italian parts (marked BMB or BMR or (Beretta), The package is worth 600 - 650 sight unseen.  The CMP price for a GI grade is 520.00.  

If the flashhider is a ww2 contract (conical shape), it is icing on the cake.  These are readily available, but removable.

Practically none of these rifles have the original parts - victims of many rebuilds and the interchangable parts principle.

The bottom line is that US martials (&Garands) are a hot collector's market.  Wierd & Obscure variations command real premiums.

If the import restrictions are lifted, it is likely htat the lower end market will be affected, as most of these rifles saw hard use.  GI grade rifles in good shape will retain their value.  
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 12:48:50 AM EDT
If you are going to get serious about Garands, you gotta do your homework.  That means buying books.

This field is getting full of nuts - almost as bad as the f***ing Winchester freaks.
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 7:26:16 AM EDT
The Danish Garands from the CMP are $400 ea. plus $19.95 shipping.  Take a look at www.odcmp.com under rifle sales.
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 11:52:55 AM EDT
Well, here's some more info to help w/ finding a value.

It's a Springfield gun and according to the SN range, it's a 1945 gun, February.

The flash hider, I can't find a pic on line, but the cuts on the hider look like what's M16...but it's hard to describe.  A pic would help I know.....

Oh, nearly forgot, it's already been check out by a gunsmith..dealer did that as soon has it was aquired.
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 1:51:12 PM EDT
$600-650 sounds about right for an M1 with USGI parts. It sounds like yours is an arsenel rebuilt gun. Nothing wrong with that at all. So is mine, and I wouldn't change a thing, well premeantly anyway.

Mine receiver was made in Oct. 1943, it has an April '45 barrel and most of the trigger group is numbered consisant with mid-late '43 production. Except the hammer. Summer of '42. It has a post war replacement op. rod and metric M14 sights.

I figure this rifle got a new barrel and quickie overhaul right after V.E. day and went into storage. Then got the post war stuff after the war, before long term storage and eventual foreign aid disposal. That's probably where the metric sights come from.

I wondered why the rear handguard clip had such little wear on it and thought of replacing it. Then in the field I noticed my thumb was right on top of the clip. The finish was worn of from others carrying the rifle in the same manner. Others as in soldiers in their countries service. It would be scaralige(sp?) to change that piece.

Was this rifle carried by a GI in Europe, fiting the Nazi hord? Who knows, really, but that is my illusion and I mean to keep it.

Start your own journey through history with Scott Duff's books. They are exellent and easy to read and understand.

Begin with 'The M1 Garand: Owner's Guide'. It is an indepth owners' manual.

Then aquire 'The M1 Garand: World War ll'. It covers production until the end of 1945. Absolutly fascinating.

'The M1 Garand: Post World War ll' covers the rest of production and the varios sniper and target models.

It sounds like someone installed a flash suppressor for the M1D. It replaces the gas cylinder lock.

[:I] I too get kinda' excited about the M1.  [:I]
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 2:01:21 PM EDT
Silly me, sometimes my CRS syndrome acts up.

You can get Scott Duff's books from Fulton Armory. www.fultonarmoury.com

They are a first rate M1 AND AR15 'smith.

edited because: how the heck do you post an active link [BD]??

CRS again, it must be nap time.
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 5:57:13 PM EDT
Oh, forgot to say that the flash suppressor/hider is mounted like the original granade adapter.  It's held on via the bayonet lug...I'm guessing it might be aftermarket...???

I've seen the sniper versions on the Mill Tech page and flash hider isn't like that.  Wish I could find a listing for other assesories.  

I wanna put a scope on this one.....comments/suggestions...?
Link Posted: 2/11/2001 6:29:09 PM EDT
AIM surplus is offering a garand flash hider (among other things) and has a pic on their web site.
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