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Posted: 9/20/2004 8:37:35 AM EDT
I have an older dog that stays outside. The dog has a leaky bladder and takes medication for that. But there is still some leakage. For the past few months flies have been gathering around her. Well this past weekend I discovered maggots on her. Took her to vet and they shaved her and put her on meds. She is recovering.

Anyone have ways to keeps flies off her and out of the yard? I have a couple fly traps around the yard. I have also used stuff sold for horses that I have applied to her. Currently I have a spot set up for her to recover but am worried about when she goes back outside.
Link Posted: 9/20/2004 8:43:38 AM EDT
There is a product that they sell at home stores, it is a yellowish plastic bag that you open, break a capsule, and hang near, but not too near the dog. Can't recall what the name is, but go to the hardware store and tell them the description, they will know. Get the fly one, not the yellow jacket one.

BE CAREFUL WHEN CHANGING OUT THE TRAPS. The fluid smell rancid to attract the flies, they enter and cannot get out. In a few weeks, you will have rotten fly soup in a boulliabase of stinkwater, with maggots to taste. Best thing is to hang it from string, when you want to change them out, just put a trash bag under and cut the string, do NOT touch the thing.

Also, go to a horse/feed/tack store, they make a product, FLies OFF! I think, that is safe to spray directly on the dog, especially the ears.

Good luck.
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