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Posted: 3/1/2001 12:20:01 PM EDT
I have a postban US Government Skillcraft black retractable pen, and I had the solid silver colored metal band and the pen spring off of a preban Skillcraft pen.

I know that the first pen is a postban pen, it is made up of recycled materials. It has the flat black color.

I am wondering if I can get in trouble for having preban Skillcraft pen parts on my postban Skillcraft pen.

What if I put preban Skillcraft pen parts into my Bic pen?

How about owning preban Skillcraft pen parts and owning complete postban Skillcraft pens?

Who makes civilian Skillcraft pens? Are they mil-spec?

Link Posted: 3/1/2001 12:58:50 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Guns_equal_Freedom:
What if I put preban Skillcraft pen parts into my Bic pen?
Who makes civilian Skillcraft pens? Are they mil-spec?
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Long as you keep the bic logo'ed receiver you should be ok, now if the bic is pre-ban and if it will fit you can probably legally put the skillcraft high-cap ink mag into it, but this is a gray area.

Are they mil-spec? I'd assume so, they don't want us having the real good stuff do they??

(I secretly manufacture fully functioning fountain pens in my basement, no not those DEWAT fountain pens, the real deal baby and if you don't have a C&R license it don't make a AHHHHH....plop...author cut short by ANSI Agent Gunfire..dying..qwoe'HGHGDSV ,nmz

Link Posted: 3/1/2001 1:03:05 PM EDT
I wouldn't try it. What if you are out one day, and an ATF agent were to see you eriting some thing down with it? Would'nt be a pretty sight. I think you should just cut 1/4 off the ink cartridge and fill out the appropriate form and pay a $200 tax stamp in order to be legal. Those Short Inked Pens sure look nice. They are light and easy to conceal as well.
Link Posted: 3/1/2001 1:05:42 PM EDT
Man! Don't butcher a pre-ban!  It'll be worth big bucks some day.
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