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Posted: 9/30/2004 3:30:02 PM EDT
At the lumberyard earlier this week, expressed the opinion that merchants should be able to charge whatever the market will bear under all circumstances. From the reaction I now recognize as socialist mindset; I thought it would be interesting to find out what the folks thought here.

Myself, I think the pricing practice called " gouging" , is a natural reaction to the high demand created by people too stupid to buy their plywood, batteries, bottled water or whatever ahead of time.

This is Florida folks and we have hurricanes here.

Oh, and I don't work at the lumberyard or sell any of the above products.
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Price gouging is illegal because the merchants have a "captive" consumer, who is unable to go to a competitor for the same product...similar to the lines of the Sherman Antitrust act...you cannot use a monopoly position to charge exorbitant prices.

Charging $30 instead of $20 is not gouging, IMHO...charging $100 instead of $20 IS gouging, and is illegal...

BTW, smart people buy their hurricane supplies BEFORE hurricane season...and smart people spend a little extra $$$ to get REAL storm shutters, instead of having to scrounge for plywood the day before a Cat 4 hits their town...
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They should be allowed to charge what the market will bear but they should refund any unused supplies that are returned in saleable condition after the storm passes.
Link Posted: 9/30/2004 3:55:32 PM EDT
Lived in South Florida for more than 30 years.
Lost my house to "Andrew"
State and local price gouging laws prohibit "unconscionable" prices beyond the extra cost of acquiring or transporting goods or services.
If trucking costs go up on transporting $25 plywood so the added cost goes up to $28.50, that's allowed.
If the National price of plywood goes up because of shortages, the legitimate retail price can go up accordingly.


The gas stations selling gas to $1.89 up to the storm, that still have that priced gas in their tanks CANNOT legally jack up the price just because the storm hit.

Jokers got busted for booking rooms before the storm at $69 a night, and during the storm charged elderly couples double.
Crap generators worth $300 were sold for 3 times as much as "professional models". And then there's the asshole selling Professional Gas Cans for $169 that he sold for weeks before the storm at the regular price of $48.

Make money off my misery? Sure, make an honest profit as a responsible businessman.

Rip me off, make me a victim twice, and curl up in your hole and die like the pig you are.

Let your family go thru it, and see how you feel.

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