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Posted: 6/17/2009 12:48:24 PM EST
Every time, and I do mean Every Single Time, I would start a decent monologue something would come along and the whole thing would just stink. After a few paragraphs the entire thing would smell just as bad as Rosie OD is Fat. Oh, there would be decent sentences here and there, even a good paragraph. But as a whole the thing just wouldn’t work.

To give you and example, the last one was “What would you do?” It was a part of a story line I use in movie theaters and other places where I’m going to wait for more than a few minutes. The problem was that it would have taken up several thousand words just to properly describe the backgrounds. After the 8th paragraph I figures I might post the story latter on as entertainment. But as for Post 16,000, forget it.

So I surrendered and looked up 8 pictures of 16 and 8 pictures of 16,000.


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