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10/30/2020 2:42:12 PM
Posted: 11/20/2008 4:05:13 PM EST
I work at a major pharmaceutical company.  My particular building is full of scientists and some finance people.  The dress code is a little more lax than the corporate side of the company.  A lot of people wear jeans, but most people at least try to wear either a long-sleeve button up shirt or a polo.  I'd call it very relaxed business casual.

Anyways, one of my pet peeves is guys who wear sandals.  I for one don't want to have to stare at their nasty toenails and hairy feet.  However, such is life.  If they want to wear them, good for them.  If chicks want to wear them, I'm all for it.  They usually put some effort into painting their toenails or something.

However, I came across the most disgusting display the other day.  As I was walking from one side of the building to the next, past the lounge area where people often hold small meeting or work on their laptop, I saw a disgusting pig-of-a-man who decided to remove his sandals and place his bare-assed, nasty feet on top of one of the coffee tables.  Airing out the dogs I guess.

I for one was shocked by his poor choice of both footwear and his choice to put his nasty feet up on a table.

The only appropriate course of action is amputation of both feet!

Link Posted: 11/20/2008 4:06:03 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/20/2008 4:06:25 PM EST by JonasWright]

ETA - Just tell him to get his nasty ape feet off of the furniture.
Link Posted: 11/20/2008 4:24:02 PM EST
Bust his balls till he wears shoes to work. Sandals are for chicks
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