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Posted: 9/2/2004 1:35:34 PM EDT
I suppose I'm going to come off as something of a crank, but having just read the Goatboy's editorial on the home page, I feel compelled to register my objection. Certainly each of us is free to express our political views when we post, and to even start threads devoted to political issues in the appropriate forum. However, I do not feel that it is appropriate for the site itself to take a political position, particularly on an upcoming election. I have always thought of this as a site devoted to firearms in general and the AR15 in particular, not politics. I recognize that there can be a small overlap between these two topics, since gun ownership is regulated by both state and federal law; and it may be appropriate to take a position on something like the AWB, which relates directly to our ability to purchase firearms. However, I feel Goatboy overstepped in taking it upon himself to use the main page of this site to express his own views on the upcoming election. Again, if he wants to start a thread expressing his support for Bush or his dislike of Kerry, all the more power to him, but I do not think he should use his power as a moderator to post his political views on the homepage.
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