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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/4/2001 6:49:29 PM EST
I have the old playstation and enjoy grand turismo 1 & 2 on it. Does anyone have the new PS2? If so how do you like it and where can I pick up one cheap????
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 6:55:16 PM EST
The PS2 is ok, but there is still a lack of good games for it. Gran Turismo 3 is a shining example, as well as games like SSX and The Madden series. Other than that, I've found very few games worth playing. The next one I'm waiting for is when Squaresoft releases Final Fantasy X. God Bless Texas
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 6:58:31 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/4/2001 7:01:27 PM EST by alexanderredhook]
I got the PS2 a few weeks ago and it rocks. GT:Apex is a vast improvement over GT1 and GT2. If you like shoot 'em up games you might want to try Armored Core 2:Another Age and the new Time Crisis. You might want to try E-Bay to find the best deal. Alex Edited because GodBlessTexas is right, The game every PS2 owner is waiting for is the US version of Final Fantasy x. If you can't wait you can get the japanese version for about $US$80.00
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 7:11:08 PM EST
I like the racing games. I have GT3 and can say that it is the game that all other racing games aspire to be. I bought LeMans 24 Hours this weekend because I liked it on the Dreamcast. Well, it looks just like the Dreamcast version, 30frames per second and all. I'm kinda disappointed by it.
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 7:11:14 PM EST
i will check out Ebay
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 9:24:52 PM EST
I have a PS2 and really enjoy it. Don't use it as your primary DVD player, though. It blows as a DVD player. I have several DVDs that it refuses to read. I'm saving up for a progresive scan DVD player.
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 9:57:28 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/4/2001 10:18:57 PM EST by az-gunner]
Check your mail. I've got got one (PS2) for sale/trade Its like new, adult owned with 7 games and extra goodies. I have a like new American PS2 with original box and receipt, 4 extra controllers (for a total of 5), multi tap, memory card, and 7 games. Here are the games: Madden 2001 - 4player Street Fighter EX3 -4pl Ridge Racer V -2pl ONI -1pl Unreal Tournament -4pl Midnight Club -2pl Dead or Alive Hardcore -4pl Add the basics: PS2 $299.99 7 games @ $49.99 = $349.93 +_______ $649.92 This doesn't include the cost of the extra controllers (1 PS2 dual shock, 1 PSX clear dual shock, 2 after market PSX), multi tap, memory card, or the sales tax if you were to buy it new. I only want $525 shipped for the whole thing. Why? My girlfriend is a total neat freak and I can't have the guys over for a beer and pizza weekend with out hearing about the mess that we made, for a week or two. After shelling out over a grand for all of this stuff, I'll be damned if I leave it at one omy friends house. If I can't play my way, I don't wanna play. Anyone else interested? Email me.
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 10:00:36 PM EST
Originally Posted By az-gunner: Check your mail. I've got got one (PS2) for sale/trade Its like new, adult owned with 7 games and extra goodies. Anyone else interested? Email me.
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What games? Which version of PS2 do you have? Alex
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 11:00:46 PM EST
I haven't played on a console that hooks up to a TV since Super Nintendo (16 bit). I've played exclusively on a PC for years, but find myself without any new games that interest me. Does PS2 have a lot of RPG games out?
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 3:08:39 AM EST
I'll get it when Metal Gear II comes out.
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 5:42:28 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 8:22:38 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 9:34:09 AM EST
Originally Posted By Steve-in-VA: I'll get it when Metal Gear II comes out.
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me to metal gear solid 2 is going to be awsome
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 10:44:10 AM EST
I am with Goatboy on getting the XBox. That thing is awesome! Tyler
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 1:37:01 PM EST
Dont forget Red Faction. its fun to attach remote mines to the back of technicians and using the flamethrower on scientists [}:D] love the railgun lib
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 5:28:54 PM EST
I won't get a PS2 until they make some guns for using it. They do for the Japanese games, but won't in the US.
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