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Posted: 4/12/2018 3:41:29 PM EDT
A mother on a New York parenting blog wrote Monday that while shopping at the store, she gave her four-year-old daughter a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and "a woman stopped me to lecture me about peanut allergies."
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"That's really inconsiderate," one person wrote. "So many kids have life threatening allergies to peanut butter. Eating it in a shopping cart GUARANTEES it will be smeared on the handle, etc. It's really awful you would do this. Sorry, but imagine if it were your child with the allergy."
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"You're the worst kind of person. Just understand that raising a child with an I don't care about others attitude means they will be obnoxious insufferable kids just like their mom. A grown up would tell their kids we can't eat that right now because it may cause another child to get sick. Period. Why do we need to explain this to you?"
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"I hope no child dies because of any residual peanuts on the cart."
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Mom who let 4-year-old eat a PB&J in a shopping cart branded a monster by parenting forum

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Link Posted: 4/12/2018 3:43:16 PM EDT
Sorry. I thought I was in GD.
Link Posted: 4/12/2018 4:49:18 PM EDT
Sorry, lady. If your kid has a medical issue, it's YOUR job to protect them. Not everyone else's.
Link Posted: 4/13/2018 4:30:59 PM EDT
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