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Posted: 6/4/2008 7:50:03 PM EDT
I am going to omit peoples names and vehicle manufacturer till this situation is resolved. I will state only the facts, just need some input from others.

-August of 2007 purchased a brand new vehicle
-Salesman and I noticed scratches on front left bumper and fender
-Salesman explained he would have same taken care of
-3 weeks after date of purchase brought vehicle to dealership and detailer attempted to buff scratches, I explained I have background in body work and scratches would not buff out
-spent an hour waiting while detailer attempted to buff scratches..shocker, they wouldnt buff out.
-Brought vehicle back next week to have repairs sublet out to someone who could sand out scratches and apply clearcoat
-Came to pickup vehicle later that day...it looked like shit, dirt and sandscratches all over..explained I was not satisfied
-Next week brought vehicle back to dealership, they set me up with a rental and had it taken to a body shop that they send all of their vehicles to for repairs...shop was not my choice, they refused to allow me to choose shop of my choice...but they said they would guarantee repairs and shop would too.
-2 weeks ago notice paint is peeling...not chipping but a 1" area of paint peeling off...still peeling
-e-mailed dealership that day...
-no response so I e-mailed the following week
-no response so I went down to the bodyshop yesterday
-body shop manager said he could not guarantee repairs because dealership messed with paint before he did...even though he completely refinishing bumper and fender said that he can not guarantee repairs. Body shop also said the reason paint flaking is rock chips...explained I have body shop background and it appears it was a prep issue...or lack there of prep.
-contacted manufacturers customer service and voiced my frustration and concerns.
-customer service said they will contact dealership and have a response by friday.

So, I am stuck between a rock and a hardspot....suggestions?
Link Posted: 6/4/2008 7:59:37 PM EDT
15 reads and no suggestions?
Link Posted: 6/4/2008 8:08:47 PM EDT
Either poor prep or they didn't use a flex additive when they mixed the paint to spray on your bumper.

If they did a poor job and are unwilling to rectify, you can report them to the BBB, the Bureau of Automotive Repairs, or take them to small claims court.
Link Posted: 6/4/2008 8:11:53 PM EDT
Contact dealerships area representative. Unfortunately environmentally friendly paint just doesn't work as good as the real stuff.
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