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Posted: 6/15/2009 3:26:38 AM EST
just searched. did not find. Beowulf cross bred with Predator.
very cool movie.
here's a wiki link:
link type thingie
Link Posted: 6/15/2009 9:59:17 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/15/2009 1:24:45 PM EST
Here are my reviews of two recent movies, with Outlander being one of them.

Possible Spoilers.......

Next are two movies that the Weinstein brothers (Miramax) fucked over on releasing into theaters. It is a good thing Rothman and Fox are around, or the Weinstein’s would get my vote for most fucked up studio. By the way when are the ultimate Kill Bill, and Grindhouse DVD’s ever going to be released? Have you not made enough milking the bare bones, and single disk versions yet? For fuck sake!

Fanboys (2008) I remember first hearing about this movie, and seeing a teaser for it as far back as 2006 or 2007. I really liked the storyline. Four friends, who are hardcore geek/Fanboys, especially when it comes to Star Wars. They do a road trip to break into Skywalker ranch, so their dying buddy can see the Phantom Menace before he dies. Hell, I ‘m part geek, and saw the first Star Wars when it was originally released, when I was in sixth grade. I relate to them.

Then came the rumblings that the Weinstein brothers thought that the movie was too down with the storyline of the one friend dying of cancer (which really sets up the whole purpose of the movie). So they shelved the movie, until they could bring in a new director, and reshoot a major portion of the movie, to make it more warm and fuzzy. Then that version got negative reviews, and the fans cried for the original version. Well evidently this pissed the Weinstein’s off, and they slopped a cobbled together version of the two together, released into about three cities for a week and called it good on their obligations.

The version I rented was funny, and mildly entertaining, but nowhere near as funny as I thought, or wanted it to be. One can only wonder what the original, unfucked with version might have been. The two standouts in the cast were Dan Fogler, and Jay Baruchel. They played the geek/fanboy to the hilt, and were just great to watch. I could imagine a “Clerks” type movie, with these two and Kristen Bell just hanging out in the comic book store. My least favorite was the lead role of Eric, the lost fanboy returning to the fold. As the Harry Knowles character says, “Hello weakest link”. The other cool things were the cameos; especially the ones by Kevin Smith/Jason Mewes, Harry Knowles, and William Shattner. The inner geek in me could not help but wonder, what the movie might have been like if Doc Hammer and Jackson Public (creators of The Venture Brothers) would have had a crack at the script, and even directing it. Some of their Star wars parody has been solid gold. In the end Ok for a rental, glad I saw it finally, but that’s about it. 5/10

Outlander (2008) Even more so then Fanboys, this movie got fucked over by the Weinstein’s Studio. For no other reason this was just a good solid movie. For some reason they got a bug up their ass, and thought this movie would bomb, so it got released for one day, in one small undisclosed theater. They billed this movie as Predator meets Beowulf, I think Alien meets Beowulf would have been more apt.

It is fairly basic setup. Space crew is transporting a bad ass; totally predatory animal alien (top of the food chain model) called a Moorewyn. The ship crash lands on an abandoned seed colony, currently in the Iron Age (i.e. Earth during Viking times). The only survivor is Kainen, played by James Caviezel, who has had his entire family killed by the creature. He begins to hunt the creature, is captured by the Vikings of Herot, then taken in by them, fights with them, and in the end kills the Moorewyn. Now a whole lot more happens in between, but go watch the movie.

Standouts were James Caviezel, Sophia Myles as the pretty hot kick ass Fraya. The other standout was Jack Huston as the Viking warrior Wulfric. My only real complaint was it needed more Ron Perelman; whose role is basically a cameo. This movie is a really nice example of a well made action movie, made on a moderate budget. A shame it did not get a wide theater release. I would definitely watch it again. 7.5/10

Link Posted: 6/15/2009 3:50:20 PM EST
yeah there was a thread in GD about it.

it was a pretty good movie.
Link Posted: 6/17/2009 4:30:45 PM EST
Pretty good movie, specially for scfi, worth the watch, worth the buy.
Link Posted: 6/17/2009 4:48:36 PM EST
I too liked the movie, it was something a bit different. If you are expecting a high A grade movie you may be disappointed, watch the movie without too high of standards and you just may be entertained.
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