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Posted: 12/26/2003 10:08:09 PM EDT
Have you guys seen this yet? http://www.osamamovie.com/

Its a story about a girl pretending to be a boy to get by the taliban supression.  I thought it was bad taste to name it Osama.  The last thing I wasn to see is that name in Gold on posters. What do you think?

Link Posted: 12/26/2003 10:49:44 PM EDT
Osama is a name just like any other

just because some a-hole with the same name is a POS, doesn't mean everyone with the same name should be burdened with this problem.

Look at the name Adolf.  There are many more GOOD people with that first name.

fwiw, Osama = Lion like
Alternate form of Usama, which means "Nickname for the Lion".  origin is Arabic

Thus, the name "fits" with the movies theme.  However, I could see how it would be in bad taste with OBL still on the lose.
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