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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/16/2002 6:14:51 PM EST
Purchased Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. Loads of upgrades for Editor and game play. Graphics are nicer too, but unfortunately my computer is'nt powerfull enough to get a good view of things. 900mhz Geforce2 MX400 with 256sdram. The new island looks a little better then the previous ones. Bridges, taller buildings, buses, motorcycles, parking lots, females, better looking trees. New weapons include Handguns. Thus so far i've only seen the CZ-75 and Tokarev. I hear the Beretta 92f is also in the game. Modders are already making new handguns for the game such as the .44mag revolver. The Soviets gain a new helicopter. The V-80 Hokum. Fairly similiar in use as the Apache AH-64, but is only a single seater.-good!! The taller Building offer new/more rooms to snipe from and you now have the ability to open some doors. Still, the clipping is terrible so dont expect any R6 type action. One building so far lets you out onto the roof top so you can snipe from an obvious position and die stupidly from Gunship/grenade fire. You now have the ability to drop items. You can also store them in crates/vehicles. So clean up those battlefields! New options in the Editor section, but i have'nt tried them out yet. I downloaded some "Littlebird" helo's so i'll have to give them a try. I'll see if they will land on the tall building ala BHD. Little birds are available from [url]http://www.opflashpoint.org[/url] as well as other new add-ons for Resistance. What are your opinions of Resistance so far? Gun-grabbing lib[:)]
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 12:52:53 PM EST
Bummer, the Beretta M92f only holds ten rounds. heh. The Editor allows you to view textures from the editor now. Show ID is also available. No new weather affects like snow or such. The motorcycle handles really well. Its the fastest land vehicle. Hopefully a modder will make it so you can shoot while riding. I've been spending more time cleaning up a battlefeild then actually playing the mission. [:)] 230+ AK-47 mags, 30+ AK-47. 45+ AK-74's, 139 AK-74 mags. About 6 Binoculars, 3 NV goggles,etc.... You store what you have in either ammo crates or vehicles. What you pick-up is what you have and thats it. from one mission to the next. Soldiers as well. If a resistance militia soldier dies, he stays dead. No Bobby Brunning's or Jim Self's duplicities. I noticed a Command called "weapon throw". have'nt tried it yet, but would be funny if you could throw your worthless empty handgun at someone. >BAP!!!!< Lib-"DONT SHOOT THE TRUCK!!!!!!"
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 11:27:39 AM EST
I was given the choice between the new Delta Force game (Dagger something or other set in Afghanistan) or OR. Went with OR but haven't installed it yet. Did they fix the amount of ammo you can carry? The DF Blackhawk Down looks good though.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 11:52:14 AM EST
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Link Posted: 7/18/2002 12:42:36 PM EST
If you are looking for a place to buy it I highly recommend [url]www.gogamer.com[/url]. They have it for $20 right now. Sign up for their "48 hour madness mail" and you get notified of current deals. Resistance will be $20 for only 48 hours and then it reverts to its regular price (which is still probably better than most places). They also have a significant clearance section (you have to be logged in to see the discounted prices). They're good
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 8:00:51 PM EST
yes...OFP Resistance [b]ROCKS[/b]... The graphics are improved, new weapons include: [b]CZ75, Tokarev, Glock, Beretta 92f [/b]handguns....[b]FAL, H&K G3, suppressed UZI,[/b] the sounds of the weapons have been improved, (the AK 47 in particular) The new island is AWESOME !! new vehicles include the really cool motorcycle (it wont be long before someone re-textures it into a Ninja, or Harley he he) A bus, a cool police jeep, the V 80 (like a KA 50 Hokum) Anyone into gaming who has not tried Operation Flashpoint [b]needs to[/b] Libertoon, go to the Czech OFP site that I posted the link to for you several months ago, and you will find some new addons for Resistance. Some of the notable ones: S&W 66, S&W 44 magnum, S&W 38....[b]LITTLE BIRD CHOPPERS !!![/b] one with mini-gun/rocket pods, and the other with benches on the sides to carry your Spec Ops dudes into battle. [b]F 16, Tornado, ATX Javelin ([i]spelling[/i])[/b] and a buttload of weapon addons, and new soldiers. Any [b]old[/b] custom weapon addons you might have need to have their config.cpp files updated with a few lines to make them work properly in Resistance (I spent a whole day retro fitting all of my custom weapons....I have a [b]SH*T LOAD[/b] of them) if you dont update them they will have a permanent muzzle flash (even when not being fired)....I also modify the accuracy, and dammage values in all of the weapon addons I download to make them realistic. (most of them are coded by teenagers who have no idea what the realistic values should be) In Short,....IMHO, it is worth upgrading your computer just for this game..[whacko] Im running the new Dell with a 2.5 gig Pentium 4 - 500 megs of ram - and a Nividia GEforce4. the game runs flawlessly, and you would be AMAZED at the detail in the textures. If you want, shoot me an Email, and Ill see if I can Zip some of the killer addons I have, and send them to ya.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 9:21:45 PM EST
Originally Posted By Libertoon: You now have the ability to drop items. You can also store them in crates/vehicles. So clean up those battlefields!
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Well I tried that but enemy reinforcements always show up and I keep getting killed! Is there an easy way to just dump your entire inventory all at once instead of one item at a time?
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