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Posted: 5/7/2002 4:23:29 AM EDT
You have got to love this.... Maurice "Mom" Bouchard who is the head of the Canadian Hells Angels was just convicted of murder. He just got life in Jail. He has a LONG criminal record... He was once found with an illegal Concealed Machine Pistol ( Full auto Tec) He has been convicted for drugs etc in the past.. Well when he was arrested he had a 9mm handgun and two pump shotguns..... When the crown prosecutors brought them in to evidence something very interesting happened. HIS DEFENSE ATTORNEYS PRESENTED HIS PERMIT!! Yes indeed our new firearm control system which has cost us 1 billion dollars had issued him a firearm permit for both rifles and handguns!! LOL LOL The Canadian Firearms Center is trying to dance around the issue.....but it is not working.
Link Posted: 5/7/2002 5:17:32 AM EDT
Kinda like our I.N.S. eh brother?....[rolleyes]
Link Posted: 5/7/2002 5:22:18 AM EDT
this is why a registration system will never work in the us. the goverment is to stupid to pull it off, there will always be big holes in it. just like our canadain brothers system. Big Goverment, Small Brain
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