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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/30/2005 5:47:58 PM EDT
I was watching FOX and their talking heads, and one of the men stated " Bush needs to sign an excutive order to suspend EPA regs so that older shut down refineries can produce gas. Open 'closed' areas to oil exploration."

Now my question is, How many old refineries are actually shut down or decommissioned? Would this be possible? Would this be economical in the short run?

Now I could see signing an excutive order to shorten the permit process for refineries and maybe puting them on closing military bases.

One thing said that I agree with, we are paying now for the eco-fashizm of those that hate all signs of human economic growth in the 1970-1980's. And before people say'You are bad you hate mother nature'. I love the outdoors and ,well, relitivily clean air. But fighting energy production at a the cost of human civilization growth is nuts.

I can see setting long term goals of going to replacement forms of energy but the short term cost may be to high for our nation. I want my hydrogen fueled truck now or some alteratively fueled truck, but this can only be a distant dream.

Oh well, just a rant about whats going on with gas.
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