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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/15/2001 8:25:42 AM EST
I recently went to the Castle Arms site to take a look at one of those LEGP rifles, and found that they sell OKO red dot sights for what seems to be pretty cheap.....but....I know nothing about these particular sights. Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated, are thet any good? Hold their zero? Durability? Thinking about gettin one for my Bushie.
Link Posted: 8/15/2001 8:29:33 AM EST
I used to have one of these. I thought it was nicely designed but mine would not hold zero.
Link Posted: 8/15/2001 8:37:32 AM EST
I have one. I have used it on my AR's & my Mech-tech carbine in .460 rowland. Holds up fine. Hopefully paulie had a one in a million. So far so good on mine. Scott
Link Posted: 8/15/2001 8:43:15 AM EST
Try the atn Ultra Site. it is a superior product to the mostly plastic OK site. The ATN has an all steel frame and 4 diffreent reticle patterns to choose from. The OK is, well OK, but only OK, not great. http://www.anything3d.com/atncorp/devices.php3?n_unit=34
Link Posted: 8/15/2001 8:43:27 AM EST
I like the one I have. Light and rugged if you have the metal shield.
Link Posted: 8/15/2001 11:29:08 AM EST
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Link Posted: 8/15/2001 1:13:27 PM EST
Thanks for the input fellas,....I may check one out.....Just considering it as a kind of "neato" toy. Im really partial to iron sights because I think they are more fun/challenging, but a red dot would be really cool to play around with too. Garryowen,...About how high would one of those sit, if I mounted it on one of those removable weaver bases that sit on top of my A1 carry handle?...About the same as a scope, or are they taller?
Link Posted: 8/16/2001 4:33:56 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/16/2001 4:31:06 AM EST by GLOCKshooter]
I have an OKO. A guy I go shooting with has an ATN. He's ditching the ATN because of reliability problems. He sent it back once and they fixed/replaced it (not sure which), then it started acting up again. I like the OKO just fine. It does what it is intended to do. However, I'm outfitting a new rifle, and will not be using the OKO, as the OKO w/metal "rollbar" cost more than an Aimpoint ML XD, unless you are getting it at the LEGP price. BTW Garryowen is a class act. I've dealt with him twice (OKO, Rollbar), and he went out of his way both times. Like with the Rollbar, he was moving shops or something and didn't send it out. Before I got too impatient he called me on his nickle to talk about the mix up and make sure I got it.
Link Posted: 8/16/2001 5:28:49 AM EST
Originally Posted By Garryowen: ar50guy....So how long did you have your OKO, or are you just guessing they are not as good? I will put the OKO head-to-head against any of the sights out there.
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I had it on a desert eagle 50AE for about 3 months. At first it would drift around about 18 inshes at 15 yard target range. Eventually it just quit working. I have had the ATN on for about 5 months now and have even shot more ammor through the desert eagle with no real probles. A little reticle drift at first, but now my ATN is very stable. I favor it over the OK and the Bushnell any day. But your a rep for OK so you gotta like the OK to get paid!!! My recomendation...Try them all and get the one YOU like! Don't let me or a rep tell you what to buy.
Link Posted: 8/16/2001 6:14:33 AM EST
I have the ATN as well as the OKO. They claim it works well (stays zeroed) on 12 ga shotguns. I found I liked the OKO optics better & while the choice of reticles is nice on the ATN, the dot seems to be the one I use most anyway. The OKO is lighter & is a little harder to install - 4 allen screws vs 2 thumbscrews. Both have useable sighting adjustments. It very well may be that the ATN holds up better mounted on heavier calibers like 50s or shotguns. I question using a reflex sight on larger caliber rifles since most tend to use these sights at less than 100 yds. On an AR I think the OKO with the frame is the better choice.
Link Posted: 8/16/2001 9:52:24 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/16/2001 11:01:58 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/16/2001 10:57:37 AM EST by ar50troll]
I got it off of Gunbroker.com. New from...uhhhh Johnson supply? something like that. When I get home (My work blocks gunbroker.com, lame huh?) I will look it up and reply back with the store it came from. I put a holosight type scope on my desert eagle 50 for hog hunting on horseback in west Texas. Typically I shoot iron sights on the gun.
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