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Posted: 10/12/2004 9:52:35 AM EDT
I have been in a rancid mood all day, for no discernable reason. I was mildly annoyed that a business associate swapped my cell phone out for a "better" one - half again as large, with a camera and a hundred other features I have no interest in using. I mean, it's a phone for pete's sake! It's not like I was carrying around a phone, a camera, a notebook, and a laptop computer and this thing lightens my load. Among its exciting features: no reception at the courthouse where I spend almost every morning.

Anyway, I sat down to look at the manual to find out how to set the thing on vibrate (information which, if it is contained in the manual, is very well hidden) and I discover by accident that this little hunk of brimstone has a damned GPS LOCATOR installed in it! A little research on the web informed that this will "help emergency services find the phone, even inside a building." So, thanks to my pal's witless meddling in my affairs, I have walked around for two days with a TRACKING DEVICE in my pocket! Holy crap! I yanked the battery and boxed the monstrosity up. I'll just go back to carrying quarters and memorizing pay phone locations, thank you very much. The good news is that I now have a reason to be pissy.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 9:55:32 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 9:57:05 AM EDT

Originally Posted By FLAL1A:

. The good news is that I now have a reason to be pissy.

Some people don't own phones.

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