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Posted: 3/25/2002 5:45:28 PM EDT
I'm a part-time LEO and have been wanting an AR for quite some time and have finally approached the price range with my savings account. Through the pd, I understand that we can get a decent deal on an AR from a couple different manufacturers. Bushmaster's site stated that they stamp the AR with law enforcement label of some kind. Would it be illegal for me to own if I ever resigned my position. Not that I intend to anytime soon, but don't want to spend the money on something I'll be forced to sell. I'm not looking for a dept only AR, but an officer purchase. Which manufacturers offer the best deals for officers? Would I be better off just purchasing a civilian post ban model (can't quite afford a preban)? Any help, comments, or suggestions would be much appreciated. Cash donations are also accepted. *grin* Thanks. Misanthrope
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 6:22:54 PM EDT
Good question i've been wondering myself. I'm not very well versed as most here are but i believe the purchase and ownership is quite legal as long as you're still a LEO. What happens to the rifle IF you were to resign is another question. I'm assuming if you purchase using a Department letterhead that your agency will offer you to transfer/sell ownership to another LEO. I took the easy way out by purchasing a post-ban AR. If i were to get killed or something crazy like that i'd like someone in my family to be able to inherit it. Besides, i have no need for a flash supressor, bayonet, or folding stock.
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 6:29:28 PM EDT
I know Armalite does and I'd guess the other mfgrs. have people serving as LE liaisons or LE sales managers. A phone call to them should get you the info. you need. LEO most likely denotes pre/post features such as flash suppressor, folding stock, etc. Postban units are usually available with a LE discount. Owning it personally will subject the cost to the Fed. tax, but it's a lot simpler to pay it now than mess with it later.
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