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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/1/2002 6:11:10 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/1/2002 6:31:16 PM EST by magnum_99]
Members of my gun club put on a semi-official machine gun shoot every year. This was my first year attending and here's the breakdown: 4 .30 cal. Browning machine guns set up on tripods (one high tripod you could stand behind), 1 Ruger AC 5.56 short barrel, 4 HK MP5's (one suppressed), 1 MP40, 1 M3 grease gun, 1 Sten gun, 1 HK 93, 1 M16 with machine gun upper, 1 M-60, 1 .50 cal. Browning machine gun, 1 M4, 3 Thompson submachine guns (early and late variants), 1 M14, 1 .22 cal AK look alike full-auto (1800 rounds/minute I was told!), and 1 FAL. Also, the semi-auto line-up included various .22 suppressed ruger pistols, M1A's, 2 Nagants, several M-21's, and a sweet M-24 sniper rifle. These were all member owned guns. Visitors were welcome and for the price of loading a magazine most would let you get behind the weapon. I would guess that no less than 12,000 rounds were expended over appx. 3 hours. Targets included propane cylinders, butane cylinders (both further ignited with flares set up in the snow), lawn mowers, and sticks of dynamite. Coffee and chili were gratis. Man I love living in Idaho! Oops, there was also a Barrett .50 cal. sniper rifle.
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