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Posted: 11/14/2001 6:16:26 PM EDT
I finally need to break down and buy a digital camera before I go on vacation this Feb. I can spend up to $400 but no more. I know that isn't a ton for a good camera but until I graduate it is the best I can do. So I need some recomendations. Mostly I want one to take pics that I can put on my computer or e-mail, I'm not interested in taking professional quality images, but some type of optical zoom is a must for getting details of objects. Also going on vacation and not being around a computer what would be the best option for memory? Removable media sticks? I will take a lot of pics and don't want to run out of memory in the middle of my vacation. Thanks guys,
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 7:29:28 PM EDT
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I bought a Sony from Wal-Mart last week on sale for $348. It has a 10x zoom and uses FDs -stores about 30 images per FD. Used it Saturday and it works real well. Fogot to add, when one FD is filled, you pop it and put another one in. FD run about a dime a piece, memory sticks about $30 piece.
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 7:46:37 PM EDT
Look for a Canon S110 Elph. Tiny, has zoom and takes great pictures. Biggest selling point is that it is tiny so you will take it everywhere with you. Resolution and stuff is kind of a moot point as you tend to take pictures at lower resolutions to keep the file sizes managable anyhow. Good luck.
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Olympus d370. I love mine. Very cheap. Quality photos as well. ~ 320.00 for cam, 64meg mem card, and card reader. I cant fuckin spell!!!!
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 8:02:21 PM EDT
Taken with my Olympus D370. Mmmm. Tritip. [img]http://members.home.net/hivac-1/Steak.jpg[/img]
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Link Posted: 11/15/2001 2:47:29 PM EDT
Look around and find a FD-88. it uses FD's and has awesome pic quality and also does up to 1 min color videos with sound that you can transfer directly to your puter and email to people. It is about $400 or a little cheaper now that the FD-92 is out which is the same thing just has memory stick capabilities.
Link Posted: 11/15/2001 3:04:09 PM EDT
Start looking at sites such as http://www.dcresource.com - that one will link you to two or three other digicam sites that rate the cameras. You'll also find a "price shopping" link similar to pricewatch. Once you decide on one, don't forget to try your luck on eBay and UBid - lots of brand new - but no longer cutting-edge cameras are sold through the auction sites. The Sony CyberShot DCS-70 is nice, if you can still find one (2000 model). The later DCS-75 and -85 have already shoved the -70 down the price ladder. Also look at the Canon PowerShot G1. It was a $700.00 camera last year (it was on the cover of several digicam magazines and was "highly recommended") - but now you can find them a lot cheaper because the PowerShot G2 - with 4.1 megapixels, compared to the G1's 3.3 megapixels, has replaced the earlier version. The things are evolving fast right now, but don't hesitate to buy last year's model to save a pile of money. My personal preference is for the cameras that use CompactFlash media. Lots of them do... Sony has the proprietary Memory Stick media. I'm sure they won't pull another "Betamax" stunt, but it leaves me with an uneasy feeling. Good luck in your search.
Link Posted: 11/15/2001 3:16:20 PM EDT
I have an Olympus D-490ZOOM.Last year was around $500.00 but I think can be had for around $400.00 now.I have been happy with it's performance and resolution.It is 2.1Megapixel and utilizes SmartMedia cards that can be purchased in varying sizes.On the 16MB card at medium resolution file size I can get 31 pictures on the card and they do make a 128MB so one or two of those will give you a lot of pics.
Link Posted: 11/15/2001 3:26:38 PM EDT
try http://www.steves-digicams.com non biased reviews and alot of cameras personally I have a Toshiba PDR-M70 great cam and at work a Sony FD95 also great cam but in different ways. You must try and decide what you need. You need macro for close ups not zoom. The Sony Mavicas are easiest because you can use a standard floppy or upgrade to an adapter for more capacity. Just my 2 cents worth.
Link Posted: 11/15/2001 7:50:57 PM EDT
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I'm with Raid on this one. I have the same thing, and it's a great camera. The only drawback is that it has to "write" the image file onto the disk, which takes a few seconds, so quick strings of pics aren't possible. Edited to add that since the FD-75 doesn't upload to the computer, it doesn't eat the sh*t out of batteries, either, and that is a BIG plus.
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I looked around a while and decided on the Kodak DC4800. I bought it while there was a $100 rebate on (over now I think). It's been a real good camera. I shopped around on the internet before I found a place to buy it. WSmac
Link Posted: 11/15/2001 10:45:43 PM EDT
The first picture taken with my FujiFilm Finepix 2300: [img]http://www.vanfossen.org/images/big_steak.jpg[/img] I'm quite pleased with the camera. -kill-9
Link Posted: 11/15/2001 11:48:38 PM EDT
Dr. Counterstrike Here's my advice, and since it's MINE, tis Obviously the best! [:D] 1. Get a Sony Mavica! They make a million different models with a million different features. 2. Get one that stores images to FLOPPY DISK! and NOT those damn memory sticks! WHY? you ask? Cuz even tho them memory sticks may (or may not) hold more than a Floppy, you will always want more space, and them 'sticks' ain't cheap, Floppys are. Secondly, Do you need special software (that just adds to that jumble of CRAP on your hard drive) AND adapters to D/L those pics from a 'stick'?... YES! Floppys?... NO! SO, if you're on vacation in BFE and you don't have the software to load on the host 'puter so you can D/L the images off your cam, Guess what?? you're screwed till you get home! My point is, Anyone and their Mother can read info from a floppy. And Good luck findin someone else with the same set up as you to get the images off your cam. Oh yeah, Start checkin E-bay for auctions on cams. there's a friggin Bazillion of 'em on there at any given time. Good Ruck!
Link Posted: 11/16/2001 12:10:20 AM EDT
Originally Posted By kill-9: The first picture taken with my FujiFilm Finepix 2300: [img]http://www.vanfossen.org/images/big_steak.jpg[/img] I'm quite pleased with the camera. -kill-9
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Dude, where's your handgun? All dinner pics must contain a handgun.
Link Posted: 11/16/2001 2:32:29 PM EDT
Guys, thanks for all the help, and the dinner pics, though they make me hungry. I think I am gonna go with the Cannon S110 Elph, but am still doing some reading.
Link Posted: 11/16/2001 5:16:02 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By CounterStrike: Guys, thanks for all the help, and the dinner pics, though they make me hungry. I think I am gonna go with the Cannon S110 Elph, but am still doing some reading.
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Good choice. [:D] Edited to add: get the rechargable battery pack. It is expensive but pays for itself in about a month. It is amazing how these things eat through batteries. And eventually get a usb flash card reader. Much easier and faster than downloading the images from the camera. Wait for a Comp USA or Best Buy sale and you can get one pretty cheap.
Link Posted: 11/16/2001 6:38:44 PM EDT
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I really like the little Canon 110 Elph, mine's about a year old. But I can't get used to the tiny controls (including the tiny LCD), & no one seems to be able to hold the thing very steady. If the (large) size isn't a problem, Sony's "Macs" are great cameras! The SonyMacs are kinda big, but they're clear, & they use floppys - THATs hard to pass up. If you want to keep the size 35mm"ish", The best ones I've ever owned are the Olympus D360, D370, DX460Z. Great quality, more features than you'll ever use, prograde software, & 8,16,32,or64 smart media. (If you want a good price, I've got a one week-old, NIB, warr. etc D460Z w 2 x + 3 x zoom if your interested). [i]I HATE Toshiba, their camera's might be ok - I don't know. I spent $5600 on one of their rear projection TVs that lasted 4 days before it fu*ked the first time, & another $1400 in repairs so far (the 2 year-old POS has stooped working 5+ times). I hate them, & will NEVER buy another Toshiba product in my life, I've NEVER been screwed over this bad.[/i]
Link Posted: 11/16/2001 9:38:54 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/16/2001 9:40:20 PM EDT
regardless of the model you get, make sure it is a megapixel so you can get hi quality prints. Otherwise you will have grainy, low-res shots that are only suitable for a 72 dpi screen.
Link Posted: 11/16/2001 9:47:39 PM EDT
I used a Sony DSC-P1 and it took great pics.
Link Posted: 11/17/2001 4:01:22 AM EDT
Whatever you decide to buy, wait until after Christmas. You'll get more features for your money and still have time to learn how to run it before your trip.
Link Posted: 11/17/2001 5:25:04 AM EDT
I recommend Olympus D-490Z. Great Camera great price. 2.1MPix, good stuff
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