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Posted: 1/24/2001 6:43:02 AM EDT
How many of you are always delayed for no reason, never an explanation of why! I am always delayed for one hour on my last five guns purchased.
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 7:09:13 AM EDT
Once you get a delay, you will always get a delay.  I know one guy who buys from me alot gets delayed every time.  It was taking three days to get a proceed.  Now it's taking 20 minutes for the proceed.  Another friend of mine who is chief detective and an armourer for the Sheriff's office gets delayed every time too.  They call back in about 5 minutes with his proceed.  They are re-inventing the wheel each time they do a check.  I think that now they are using notes off previos checks to get additional checks on the same person done quicker.  If you've ever been arrested you may get delayed.  If you have the same or similiar name as a mob hitman from Jersey you'll get delayed.  If the computers are down you'll get delayed.  If NICS is swamped you'll get delayed.  If it's a gunshow weekend(thanks to Bill) you'd get delayed.  Hopefully this screwing with the gunshows will be over since Bill "I'm a Communist" Clinton is gone!
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 8:07:17 AM EDT
[size=4]What notes? By law the records are destroyed... oh yeah... the law means nothing to Reno's FBI. Maybe Ashcroft will fix that.
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