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Posted: 5/24/2002 2:41:32 AM EST
Hi all, got home after a WONDERFUL jump yeaterday- jumped the T10-1C that I packed for my MOS course. All went well, C-130 door exit. Jumped into Ft. Pickett, VA. Beautiful day, light winds, soft landing, full canopy, no turns, tangles or twists!

Doing the MC1-1C next week, tailgate blast from a C-130.

Don Out
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Jumping is like crack or heroin, you know its bad for you, but you still want to do it!!!!

Im 50% disabled from a jump injury, but cant help myself, Im scratching together the dinero to start skydiving.  Congrats on jumping again.
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I am sure you had a great rigger do your T101[;)]

[size=5][red]AIRBORNE.........ALL THE WAY![/red][/size=5]
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Allright, O ancient and revered one!

Seriously, the only rig that we did not pack for our jumps here is the new MIRPS (reserve, no more scoop & throw for us older guys). We did some pack up on the MIRPS, but only on inert systems.

The course is good, the jump was a blast. I'm taking a camera up this Thursday so hopefully I'll post some pics on the 4th of July weekend (when I next have access to the home system).

VA-gunnut, window for the jumps is around 0900-1130 hrs, mainly on thursdays. Ft Pickett is open, so if you wanted to, you could come down & film!

The DZ there has been much cleaned up since I jumped there 14 yrs ago, but still has broken tarmac right in the center of the DZ.

I show a report date to Bragg on 16 Aug. I graduate the 92R course on 9 Jul, so hopefully I can coerce the higher-ups to let me TDY en-rout for a month & work here at home at the recruiter's station.

I have a retired SF CSM working on changing my orders from the 82d to 7th SF GRP.

Don Out

[Edited because beer & spelling don't mix well]
Link Posted: 5/26/2002 7:33:13 AM EST
92R huh... What PRC are you in? I was the honors graduate of PRC 504.
Link Posted: 5/26/2002 11:37:26 AM EST
I had a blast at Ft Lee when I went from 11H1P to 43E. Being a rigger is pretty fun. Screwing with the privates at jump school at Ft Benning was a riot!

Would love to start jumping again.
Link Posted: 5/26/2002 11:46:36 AM EST

Hope all is well and let us know where you go here at Bragg. Hope that MC-1 Jump goes well for ya.
Keep your feet and knees together.

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Link Posted: 5/26/2002 12:02:23 PM EST
Congrats rigger66. Is the C141 in the days ahead? Some here will bust your butt about still being a leg if you are jumping above 800.

Have fun!!
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