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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/25/2002 4:41:36 AM EST
Hi all: Many of you were kind enough to write some encouraging words last October for my son James. He joined the Army last October and I needed advice to give to him. He loves it. He's a smart kid who was too bored to work at academics, and the Army has been, in his words, "the best thing I've ever done in my life." He was in holding for about eight weeks before starting Basic, and now he's in AIT. He graduates in 4 weeks. James is (I hope I get this right) 11B (infantry). He's having a blast with his new Colt M16A4, and RPG's, M240, M249, anti-tank missiles, etc. I'm green with envy! And he knows it. I got him [b][i]Starship Troopers[/b][/i] on your recommendation, and we both loved it (I'm an old Heinlein fan anyway.) That book is the only one sold the PX! He's assigned to the 101st Air Assault. Originally, he was going to go to jump school after Basic, just because he wanted to, but now he's hearing that the Army isn't honoring any commitments to "advanced" training. Therefore, immediately after graduation he goes to Ft. Campbell and 2 weeks of air assault school. No shot at Ranger school, which he very much wanted to do. After that, he'll probably be going to Afghanistan. He may not even get to come home with us after Basic. This will be tough on all of us. I love my son and miss him very much. Seeing the movie [b][i]Blackhawk Down[/b][/i] was tough. I loved it, and saw it twice, but I kept thinking about James. My wife won't see it. She doesn't follow the news, and I didn't tell her about the 101st helo that went down last week killing all aboard. We trusted his soul to Christ since before he was born, and now he tells us that he's reading his Bible and is excited about what he reads. We keep praying and holding to the comfort that we'll see him in heaven, no matter what happens on the battlefield. Anyway, thanks again.
Link Posted: 2/25/2002 5:27:06 AM EST
CM, my thoughts are with you and your boy. As a father, I know it would scare the living hell out of me to know my son was in danger...but as a former soldier, I know the pride you must feel for him too.
Link Posted: 2/25/2002 5:41:39 AM EST
My thoughts too are with you. Our son is in his 6th year in and is a SSgt. He was at Benning for Jump school then on to Bragg in the 82nd. He is now in Hannau, Germany and made his way there by way of Korea (2nd Inf), then Macedonia (knows what an AK sounds like out front). As the silver wings imply "Return to Sender", he will be back at Bragg after his three year tour in Europe and other parts of the world.
Link Posted: 2/25/2002 6:11:38 AM EST
ARgon, Your son's lucky to get a nice spot like Hanau. I was there from 88 through 92, and it was a VERY nice location. I was on the Fliegerhorst (Aviation) Kaserne, and we just rebuilt the entire place before I left. New barracks, new offices, new motor pools, everything. It's about 5 minutes from Frankfurt (at about 120mph) so there's a lot to do. Carbine_Man, Given all that's going on, the Army has re-prioritized just about everything. Your son WILL get his shot at Ranger School and the Airborne course soon enough. He's at a time in history where he will see and do A LOT. And that means something when most soldiers serve in a completely peacetime army.
Link Posted: 2/25/2002 6:59:54 AM EST
Originally Posted By RikWriter: ...but as a former soldier, I know the pride you must feel for him too.
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I can't believe that I didn't say it... [size=4][b]I AM VERY, VERY PROUD OF HIM![/size=4][/b] and he wants [i]me[/i] to pin his braids on at graduation.[8)]
Link Posted: 2/25/2002 12:31:47 PM EST
Yes, Carbine_Man, I too (like you) am very proud. My father died in uniform, his father before him retired out at 33 years. I did as my son will do after 8 years, put in time and then got out. I miss the camping out!! :) SJSAMPLE He loves Hannau, Garmish, Innsbruck (sp) and all the other. He did Paris last spring right after Venice for Marti Gras.
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