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Posted: 12/15/2005 6:28:22 AM EDT

These are the basics when it comes to "Higher Criticism":

1. If the source undermines Christian doctrine, the deity of Yeshua, or any foundational truth of the Christian faith, it is reliable and unimpeachable.

2. If the source supports accepted Christian doctrine, it is scant, sketchy, rumor, legend, and doubtful.

3. Those engaged in the school of "thought" referred to as Higher Criticism love to hear themselves talk and imagine themselves to be an exclusive club of reason and intellect. Rejection of Biblical Christianity is the price of admission into this mutual admiration society.

All their efforts are an exercise in futility, because the understanding of spiritual things requires the illumination provided by the Holy Spirit - they cannot be discerned with human intellect alone. Thus, the "wise" are confounded by things that are actually simple for the believer to comprehend.
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Edit: On 2nd thought....forget it.

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I guess I am unaware of this "Higher Criticism" school of thought. Sounds like I'm not missing much...

Wait a minute... pretty much sounds like the views of the establised media, higher "eductation" community, etc.

Yeah... I'm not missing much...
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