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Posted: 3/13/2001 4:49:54 PM EDT
Ever notice that people selling guns/mags/accessories have their own language?  Doesn't matter if it is on an add board or gunshow, or if the guy is a dealer or an individual, but they seem to have a different definition for words like 'rare' or 'new in box.'  Who else is bothered by the misuse of these words?

A few of my pet-peeves are: 'RARE', 'NIB', 'get it before the ban!,' 'serious buyers ONLY!,' 'CUSTOM', and last but not least, 'TACTICAL'.

'RARE':  people use this word to describe anything from a Postban Bushmaster to a preban USGI 30rd mag.  
Example:  "That's one of those 'rare' colt M4 uppers," usually accompanied with something like "Yup, colt only made 1000 of those and then stopped selling them to civilians 'cause the guns where ending up in the hands of the red Chinese."

'NIB':  basically means the gun comes with a box, it may be a box salvaged from a vacuum cleaner, but it is a box dammit!  
Example:  "Yup, that there preban colt is New in the Box, it's only had 10,000 rds through her, and has only been fondled by 100 other people at this show today.  That's the box over there, don't mind the words 'SONY' written on the side, Colt used to buy it's boxes from them."

'Get it before the ban!': most often used with preban mags, .50cal guns/ammo, or foreign parts/ammo.  Often accompanied by made up legistlation and more hearsay, like "I heard...."

'Serious buyers ONLY!':  Translation: don't call me unless you already have the cash in the mail.
Does anyone actually call these guys and say "I'm not interested in the gun, I just needed someone to talk to."???

'CUSTOM':  Can mean a true work of art, or ANY kind of modification made to the gun, intentionally or by accident.
Example:  "I put some custom night sights on the gun, using my wife's lipstick."

"TACTICAL":  This is a fairly new one, but is used to describe anything that has one or more of the following features/descriptions: black, camo, nylon, polymer, carbon-fiber, titanium, aluminum, steel, rubber, plastic, elastic,
velcro, pockets, night sights, 5+ round capacity, caliber equal too or greater than .22LR, folding/collapsible stock, BBL under 28", semi-auto, pump-action, bolt-action, optics, rails, extra grips, safety straps, bungie cords, electrical tape wrapped around, lightweight, heavy barreled, hard, soft, pointy, round, etc........

Anyone have anything to add?  
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 5:23:02 PM EDT
Pretty funny stuff, but under "serious inquiries only," you would be amazed at the callsl you sometimes get--people do call to get free advice. "I saw your ad, and I notice you too have a Bofors 40mm canon. I lost my manual and wonder if you might scan the 312 pag section on recoil springs. Ah, could you tell me what kinds of loads you use for it? 3700 grains of 748 with a concrete filled tomato paste can?" So it goes.

However, you were right on with some of the others. The "In the Box" thing was a howl.

Another one of my favorites is "In the original wrapper."
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 6:37:03 PM EDT
Har har...Funny as heck. All true, too.

How about "Genuine FN(or Colt)" on just about every replacement part known to mankind, including firing pins for hipoint handguns. Of course, Colt and FN forgot to put their names on all them aluminum parts they made, but they're "sher enuf, the real deal, made at the factory on contract for the Kerbackerstanian military, and these are the parts from those exact, history-soaked guns, and B'God, they're as good as commercial. That's why you get my good price, son."

Like I'm gonna pay $40 for a pot-metal replacement AR-15 hammer.
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 6:54:16 PM EDT
That is a riot...and unfortunatly true for the most part. I think that we (AZEX) are pretty ethical about stuff like that...if we say excellent condition, we really mean it.

A couple I didn't see...

Assault Weapon: this could be anything from an SKS to a 10/22

Used by: special ops/SWAT teams/blah blah blah

This had me cracking up:(this is to the best of my memory...not a quote verbatim)

There is somebody out there who has an ad (SGN maybe?) that says, New improved design, not old outdated FACTORY BLUEPRINTS!!!!![>:/] [LMAO...we all know that blue prints go bad after so many years....hahahahhaha!!! [:D] )

I almost choked when I read that...LOL, good topic HKocher, ch
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 7:16:25 PM EDT
I recently saw an ad that said NFA Items "below cost".

One of the items was an M-16. And what was his cost??? Oh, $7200.

Link Posted: 3/13/2001 7:19:13 PM EDT
One  that  grates  on  me  is  "nuff  said".  It  usually  means  that  enough  was  said  before  they  started.  Nuff  said.

Link Posted: 3/13/2001 8:45:14 PM EDT
Bratty, right, most dealers are great and very ethical, but it's the few shady ones that stand out and ruin it for the business.  

Used by: special ops/SWAT teams/blah blah blah
View Quote

Damn, I can't believe I forgot that one!  I have a story that goes with that one.  I'm think I'm pretty sharp when it comes to gun purchases, and I do a lot of research before I buy a gun, except for one time.  The only time I feel like I got raped on a gun purchase.  About four years ago....

I went to a gun show, looking for AR parts and came across the most beautiful preban Benelli I had ever seen, a m1s90 'tactical'.  It had every bell and whistle imaginable strapped to it: ghost ring sights, pro-ported 18.5" bbl, mag extention, surefire forearm, PG stock, sidesaddle, sling, etc...  

Well, the dealer kept on calling it a "riot-gun", which also bothers me, and insisted that this exact gun was formerly used by Wichita, KS (my hometown) SWAT, before he obtained it.  In fact, he knew the ENTIRE history of this gun, yeah right!

Of course I don't want a beater used by a SWAT team for training, but the gun appeared to be unfired, so I ignored him.  The price was high, and I knew it (I will never admit how much I paid!) but he said he'd knock off the tax, so I took the bait.  I tried to play hardball, but he knew I was in love, so he wouldn't budge on the price.  

Well, guess what, I didn't have the cash, so he charged me X%+ for using plastic, then he says "well, I have to charge you tax if you use a CC, because it'll show up on my records, blah, blah."  

Anyway, I walked out of the gun show in an ignorant bliss with a great gun, but an enlarged butthole.  I still kick myself for spending that much, but I am still happy with the gun.

About a month later looked at a $2100 preban Bushmaster shorty from the same guy (had also bought a Glock from this fella), I looked at the serial # to check the status and he flipped, saying "I bought this gun in 1994, I know it's preban, how dare you question me, blah, blah!"  Needless to say, I REALLY regreted getting bent over on the Benelli after this encounter.
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 9:07:15 PM EDT
"ENLARGED BUTTHOLE"?!  'Nuff said!
I am LAUGHING!  Whatta scream!
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 9:48:19 PM EDT
I can't stand the pretentious pricks that
post "serious inquires only", every time I see that I call them up and see how long I can keep
them on the phone.

"Do not touch" is my favorite at the Gun Shows,
I pick every one of them up, they get pissed,
I apologize and pick up another one. Sometimes
I look for a friend and drag them to the table
and pick it up again to show my friend. The
dealer gets pissed; "can't you read" he says,
I turn to the friend and say " screw this guy
you can get the same gun over on isle 5".
The " the cylinder has never been turned" guy
is another one that lights me up.
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 11:06:41 PM EDT
In my honest opinion, the best product on the market HAS to be US CAV's "Tactical Briefcase". When I saw it in the catalog, I first showed it to a friend of mine, then sh*t-canned the catalog. LMAO, tactical briefcase!
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 11:40:27 PM EDT
Hows about a topic that says:

Oh man, guys don't be mad but I've found an S&W I LOVE


The others listed made me laugh...The above listed made me wanna ...
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 12:57:40 AM EDT
Cav, take it easy. You responded to that thread, please don't post a reference to that post unless it's relevent... no reason to kill a lite-hearted topic here. No flame to 'ya, just a courtesy check

Link Posted: 3/14/2001 5:38:00 AM EDT
Anything with the word "Sheeple."  There are a few real lone wolves out there. Wooooooo, scarrrry!
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 6:02:30 AM EDT
You're a scream dude! The one that gets me is the fat dude at the table wearing a hat with Gold Marine Corps jumpwings, an air assault pin and a mini CIB. "Yeah, I carried an M4 like this one in the nam, I was part of a special airborne SEAL squad" who the f*ck are you, Agent Orange ? By the way he is easy to spot because his table will have all of the signs you mentioned.
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 6:18:05 AM EDT
My favorite, in the gun rags, is "POR" or "Price on Request" or "Call For Price".

Hell, If you want to sell the damn thing you better know what you want for it.  Put it in the damn ad!

My second favorite, "When these are gone, there are no more!"

Link Posted: 3/14/2001 6:35:09 AM EDT
I'll add my .02, ever notice a new member with 3 posts or less has all this great stuff for sale in the exchange section. It may be on the level but I pass as you really don't know who you are dealing with. This board teaches me something new each day. Bratty I sure didn't know blueprints go bad. hehehe
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 1:02:22 PM EDT
I can't stand the no pricetag thing.  At a gunshow it means, this guy looks young/old/stupid/rich I think the price for my preban 70% SP1 is $2500 today.

Another one I hate is "Make me an offer!" or " I have a guy who will pay me $500, can you beat that?" usually this idiot couldn't find his way to Ebay or AuctionArms.

How about the militant/tinfoil hat crowd.  "WTS SKS with bayo, perfect for SHTF, or taking out pesky intruders on your compound.  Still in cosmoline in case you want to bury it in your backyard!"
Link Posted: 3/14/2001 1:11:09 PM EDT
Chow touched upon another good one.  The wannabe viet'nam vet, but how about the fat, 5'4", 25ish, 'ex-ranger/SEAL/greenberet/delta' guy.

He's usually a C3 dealer or at least has some cool shit.  His snot nosed kid is running around playing cowboys and in'juns with the guy's HK G36, or a bayonet.  While he's too busy eyeballin the 16 year old fiddling with his M82a1 Barret  

This guy REALLY likes the word 'tactical.'  "Yeah, I used to carry a 'tactical' sniper Barret around in Desert Storm, took out a few Scuds myself.  I liked to carry an M4 w/ M203 as a backup.  But I've said too much already..."
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 1:18:43 AM EDT
Not so much on an "Ad" board,  
but how about those dorks prancing around the gun shows with  gold "police looking" badges that says  "Good Samaritan."

Lame, lame, lame....
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