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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/1/2001 4:08:15 AM EST
[size=4]Kennedys approved segregation of Army[/size=4] [b]Black troops separated from whites before '62 deployment at university[/b] By Jon Dougherty © 2001 WorldNetDaily.com President John F. Kennedy ordered nearly 4,000 black soldiers to be segregated from a federal force of 20,000 troops deployed to quell a race riot at the University of Mississippi in 1962, according to the author of a new book who says the revelation is confirmed by Pentagon documents he discovered during his research. According to William Doyle, author of "An American Insurrection: The Battle of Oxford, Mississippi, 1962," JFK and his brother, then-U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, secretly approved the forced segregation plan before sending the combat force into one of the most heavily segregated states in the union at the time. The troops had been ordered in to support U.S. marshals who had already deployed to the university to enforce a federal court's desegregation ruling. A federal court had ordered the school to admit its first black student, James Meredith. Shortly after the ruling was issued, thousands of armed whites began assembling at the university to block the marshals from carrying out the order. JFK, in turn, eventually ordered the troops to face down – or do battle with – the civilian force. In the days before the troops were sent in, however, Army documents discovered by Doyle say Robert Kennedy approved a "pre-segregation" plan offered up by Army officials during a meeting in his Justice Department office on Sept. 27, 1962. The "Battle of Oxford" spanned 14 hours from Sept. 30-Oct.1, 1962, resulted in 375 civilian and military casualties and over 300 civilian arrests. [b]The incident included one of the largest federal confiscations of privately held firearms, and two civilian gunshot deaths that occurred during the rioting remain a mystery[/b]. Doyle said Army documents also say JFK discussed an across-the-board segregation plan with Pentagon officials after the incident occurred – during an Oct. 3, 1962, meeting – before formally revoking the Oxford order Oct. 5. The author said he found details of the segregation plan were outlined in a written Army account of the incident dated 1965 – after JFK's death but before Robert Kennedy was shot and killed June 5, 1968. He added that he suspects the plan may have been hatched by Army officials – as well as the Kennedys and some powerful white Southern politicians – over concern that the specter of armed black troops would incite further violence in an already racially volatile situation. "The Kennedys approved the segregation to avoid the political embarrassment of having black troops with high-powered rifles patrolling the streets of America's most segregated state," Doyle said. He called the incident "a disgraceful episode in American history." Doyle said the segregation order was confirmed in scores of separate interviews he conducted between 1998 and earlier this year with officers and men – both black and white – who participated in the Oxford operation. They relayed stories of disbelief, written protests and a near-riot by soldiers over the order. One black sergeant of the 101st Airborne, Doyle said, "relayed the order to his men with tears in his eyes." At Fort Bragg, N.C., the white officers of the 503rd Military Police Battalion tore up the order and threw it in a trash can. - continued -
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 4:10:01 AM EST
"The order violated nearly 14 years of Army practice since President Truman's 1948 executive order desegregating the U.S. military," Doyle said, adding that in 1962, the 1-million man U.S. Army was "on the whole, functioning extremely well as a racially integrated American institution, with a great many black leaders in the front ranks." The order affected thousands of black troops and officers of the elite Army Military Police, elite paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions, and foot soldiers of the Second Infantry Indianhead Division. The 11,000-strong Mississippi National Guard, which was also mobilized for the operation, was not affected by the order because it was an all-white force at the time. "In a supreme humiliation," Doyle said, "squads of proud black paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division were stripped of their helmets and guns and forced to perform garbage duties on the campus of the University of Mississippi while white students laughed at them." However, because of the use of a large number of federal troops, the incident marked the last time there was "massive resistance" to forced desegregation, Doyle said. Other evidence related to the incident uncovered by Doyle include: -FBI and Pentagon documents reveal details of a surprise raid by members of 716th Military Police Battalion on the Sigma Nu house, the fraternity presided over by chapter president Trent Lott, currently a Republican senator from Mississippi who serves as the Senate minority leader. Inside the frat house, MPs found and removed 24 weapons – 21 shotguns, a .22 rifle, a .30 caliber rifle and a .22 Colt pistol. Lott, Doyle said, refused to be interviewed for the book; -Though the government denied any culpability at the time, FBI documents and author interviews confirmed that "beleaguered" U.S. marshals were forced to open fire with a minimum of 14 shots toward a hijacked fire engine, which raised the possibility that a bystander was killed by one of their stray shots; -Evidence was also discovered suggesting that JFK, on the day of the crisis, "summoned quack New York doctor Max ('Dr. Feelgood') Jacobson to the White House by private plane to inject him with amphetamine, a highly dangerous psychoactive drug," said a press release. In what he calls a "final disgrace," Doyle found a document written by the adjutant general's office, U.S. Continental Army Command, Fort Monroe, Va., denying the Army Commendation Medal for heroism for scores of soldiers nominated by commanders. "Recommend disapproval of award of the Army Commendation Medal in each of the 40 attached recommendations," said the document. ... The focus of additional attention on the incident would not be in the best interest of the U.S. Army or the nation. ... Decorations should not be awarded for actions involving conflict between U.S. Army units and other Americans." During his interview with WorldNetDaily, Doyle said the entire episode dispels the belief that the Kennedy brothers were "willing civil-rights heroes." - continued -
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 4:10:35 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/1/2001 4:05:27 AM EST by EricTheHun]
"I think this demonstrates clearly one of the fundamental realities of that amazing period in our history, which is that John and Robert Kennedy may have had nice feelings toward the concept of civil rights as a theoretical goal in the distant future," Doyle said, "but they did not see it as an immediate policy objective." He added that "they had to be forced to deal with this by the real heroes of that era – the James Merediths and [Martin Luther] Kings and the people in the streets." "The way they dealt with this crisis is proof of that," he said. Noting that "it may be easy to look at 1962 in 2001 terms and say, 'Well, that was a different era – the whole country was different,'" Doyle said. "But in point of fact, the Army was functioning as – in most cases – a very well-running, fully integrated American institution in the front ranks." The Kennedy's "did this to avoid political embarrassment," he said. "John Stennis, a very powerful Democratic senator from Mississippi of the time, called up the Kennedys and basically said, 'You damn well better not send us any black troops down here.' They essentially replied, 'Yes, sir, Mr. Stennis.'" "The two Kennedy brothers were 'segregationist collaborators,' like most white Americans were then," he said. "To understand the period, I believe we have to understand this crisis and the unknown drama of this crisis." Calling Meredith "a personal hero of mine," Doyle said it was a "joy" to talk to him about the incident that occurred so many years ago and that "he's still in action." See article at:[url]http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=25477[/url] Eric The(ThoseFraternityBoysWereArmed!Wow!)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 4:15:14 AM EST
Carefull bro! You might be found having commited suicide if you mess with them powerfull people.
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 4:15:52 AM EST
E. T. Hun, nice digging. There is a very faint possibility that snot-nosed, lying Bobby might have actually cared - no such chance for Jack.
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 4:18:24 AM EST
Elite Army MP's, hehehe. And the 2nd described as footsoldiers. They need to turn it around, in my opinion. The 11B's of 2ID are hard.
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 5:23:55 AM EST
No amount of "trash" on the Kennedys will change their icon status in the Negro community.
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 6:15:16 AM EST
Originally Posted By 5subslr5: E. T. Hun, nice digging. There is a very faint possibility that snot-nosed, lying Bobby might have actually cared - no such chance for Jack.
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G. Gordon Liddy once told of how Booby wanted to take a drive with his wife in a new GM convertible(Chevy I think). The only model available on short notice was an Olds or Buick in the color scheme he specified. A royal tantrum ensued. [>Q]
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 6:28:43 AM EST
Can journalists make any action look racist? I think so. Let's use some logic. You have a powder keg that is about to explode over the idea that a black student is going to classes. Would it really be a good idea to have black soldiers try to control white protestors? That would only add fuel to the fire. I'm glad the black soldiers were not required to do that job. I would have hated to see one of them hurt. I know that I would not have wanted that job. I'm critical of the Kennedy's every chance I can get, but this isn't one of them.z PS: There were 21 shotguns in the frat house! That's impressive.
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 7:14:11 PM EST
Post from 5subslr5 -
There is a very faint possibility that snot-nosed, lying Bobby might have actually cared - no such chance for Jack.
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I don't have a particularly high opinion of Bobby either! Remember when the two B-26 bombers used by the Alabama Air National Guard were assisting in the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1962, and the pilots suddenly got orders to the effect that there would be no [b]second[/b] strike authorized in support of the invasion forces. The four Alabama Air National Guardsmen pilots realized that the men on the beaches were in for a world of hurt unless they were given air support. So the two B-26s took off, against orders, and delivered their bombs against Castro's forces and then strafed them with machine gunfire, until they were both shot down. When Bobby Kennedy got the news that the two planes had been shot down over Cuba, he ran to his brother's office and screamed 'Those god-damned bastards better be DEAD!' meaning the four American servicemen who were there on the orders of the President. These four men left behind four wives and some dozen children, and the Kennedy Administration tried to deny the widows and orphans claim for benefits until Jack's dying day!!!!!! Some bastids, those Kennedys, huh? Eric The(FrigginBastids,AfterAllTheseYearsICan'tFo­rgiveThem,AndI'mCertainI'mNotAlone)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 7:31:09 PM EST
McGeorge Bundy called off the air support, Hun.Like the Kennedy's or not isn't important. The truth is important. We'll never get there if it has to be Republican truth or Democratic truth.
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 7:34:47 PM EST
McGeorge Bundy was the Stooge who the Kennedys used to slough off any blame! Read Seymour M. Hersh's [i][b]The Dark Side of Camelot[/b][/i] for the real skinny on the Bay of Pigs fiasco! Eric The(Hersh,AsAFawningLiberalSOB,IsTotallyBelie­vable!)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 7:42:35 PM EST
The Bundy's were anything but stooges! Their orientation was CIA.
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 7:48:14 PM EST
On page 208, of the Hersh book, the following: 'At the time, it remained a White House secret that on the eve of the invasion Kennedy personally canceled a second air strike that was considered crucial to the success of the landings. Eight air sorties had left from Nicaragua two days before the landing, but the exile pilots, flying unmarked B-26 bombers of World War II vintage, failed to wipe out the small but effective Cuban air force. A ninth B-26 flew directly from Nicaragua to Miami, where he was part of a group of Cuban air force defectors who had spontaneously carried out the bombings as a part of a revolt against the Castro regime. The cover story fooled no one, and Kennedy, fearful that his administration would become even more closely linked to the invasion refused to let the second bombing take place - with the inevitable deadly consequences for the exile army already approaching Cuba's beaches. The young president's direct role in the failed operation, and his indecision, would become public over the next fifteen years, but both would remain secret during the spring of 1961.' Eric The(Kennedy'sFanClubMayWishToBlameBundy,ButIt­JustAin'tSo)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 7:58:38 PM EST
Other books put Bundy on the other end of that telephone call. The Bay of Pigs was a staged invasion planned by the CIA, forced on the President, and the disaster that it became was an intentional act on the CIA's part. They were out of control, Kennedy tried to stop them, and they turned on him with all the power that they had to work in the dark. If you can read it in a book doesn't make it true, Eric. Who survived? Cuba and the CIA!
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 8:10:44 PM EST
Kennedy was smarter than all the Bundy boys together! What did he do the next day? Called a press conference where he announced that 'there's an old saying that victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan...I'm the responsible officer of the government and that is quite obvious.' From Hersh's book - 'His seeming willingness to take the heat won him enormous support from the public, who shared Kennedy's fear and hatred of Castro, and his public approval rating soared. In private, however, Kennedy complained to all, including many reporters, that he had done little more than follow the recommendations of the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.' Bullshit, I say! It was Kennedy's show from the get-go. He could have easily shelved the Eisenhower-era plan for the invasion, but he decided to go in full bore. What he neglects to say is that all the CIA and military planners required a complete devastation of the Cuban air force and a follow-up bombing of the Cuban forces on their way to the beach to repel the invasion. And yet these were the very items that Kennedy decided to scrap for political reasons! Show me evidence to the contrary [b]grimshaw![/b] Eric The(SoYouWorshipKennedy?)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 8:12:49 PM EST
BTW, [b]grimshaw[/b], just why did McGeorge Bundy decide to scrap the second air-strike by the Alabama Air National Guard? And did he have Kennedy's approval for that? Eric The(Hmmmmm?)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 12/1/2001 8:17:56 PM EST
to ruin the mission,embarrass Kennedy. No he did not.Kennedy was an immoral man, not my hero.
Link Posted: 12/2/2001 6:45:00 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/2/2001 6:42:46 AM EST by 5subslr5]
Kennedy finally paid the ultimate price for his Cuban "invasion." (Lack of) Never reported at the time was his pledge to the Soviets that we would never invade Cuba in exchange for the Soviet's missile removal. Old "Joe" that Nazi bastard owed the Mafia big -time for giving Cook County (IL) to Jack and thus the election. He forced Bobby in as Attorney General so Bobby could attack the Mafia and Joe wouldn't have to pay his debt. No free Cuba equates to no return of the casinos Mafia-run pre Castro. The Mafia collected from Joe via the killing of Jack. And as they say the rest is history. (Yeah, elements of the CIA helped but elements the Secret Service also helped. There was one truth told and that was by Oswald. He was the "patsy".) [50]
Link Posted: 12/2/2001 7:03:17 AM EST
Well, I believed Oswald too, when they paraded him around the Dallas police department. "I am a patsy"! He said into the camera. Either its true or it wasn't. If its true our government was corrupt. Until it solves this crime it remains corrupt. If Oswald was lying, and he was not a patsy, then he was a VOTER.
Link Posted: 12/2/2001 7:12:19 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/2/2001 7:05:24 AM EST by 5subslr5]
The "old man" Joe was totally corrupt. Jack knew he was chosen only because the younger "Joe" got his ass killed in WWII. I doubt Jack ever had an original thought between the terror of the old man and his love for the "feel good" shots administered upon request. We should always remember that Jack and Bobby and the CIA and the Florida Mafia (directly) were all working together to assassinate Castro while Bobby was trying to put the entire Mafia in jail. Naive, very very naive. (Stupid, very, very STUPID) [50]
Link Posted: 12/2/2001 7:46:18 AM EST
Armed black troops in a redneck town, now that would have been one hell of a fire fight. You know damn well the locals would have sniped black troopers, hell they were blowin up churches with litle girls sittin in them. And gangin up on skinny little college boys and assasinating them. The ole KKK mentality would have kept them from fightin like men. They grew up hidin their faces, the CHICKEN SH*TS. Waterdog
Link Posted: 12/2/2001 8:55:21 AM EST
ORIGINAL - dog, I grew up in those times. As I remember the anger in the South centered around desegregating the South while ignoring the north - especially Boston that was and still is arguably the most segregated city in the U.S. That unmeasurable fraction of a per cent that blew-up churches wouldn't have sniped anything that could snipe back.
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