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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/12/2002 6:20:41 AM EST
Howdy! I'm a displaced TFL member who is happy to be visiting your forum. Ok, so I want a mini-AR-15. We're talking, collapsable stock (6-position) and an 11.5" bbl w/ flash suppressor. Semi-auto; not "rock-n-roll." So, I COULD get a preban lower and register it as an SBR, but what else could I do? Heck, even if I could pay $200 to get it registered as a full-auto, it would be cheaper than buying a pre-ban! Is that an option? Help me out- what's the cheapest/easiest way to get what I want?
Link Posted: 3/12/2002 6:30:55 AM EST
First thing..You can't register a NEW machine gun unless you are a class 2/SOT. People have not been able to register new machine guns since the ban in 1986. Unless you have state laws that say NO..you can register an AR as a SBR. You can register a post ban as a SBR, BUT you still can't add a collap. stock, bayo lug, or flashhider. Going with the pre ban is the only way you can do this. If you want full auto you can always purchase a registered machine gun. M16 will start at $5000 on up depending on conversion and other factors. A LL will start at about $2500 and a RDIAS will start at $4000. If all you want is a SBR with a collaps. stock and flash suppressor. Get a pre ban AR and register it as a SBR...the registration will still require a $200 tax to the ATF, CLEO signature, fingerprints and a Form 1. medcop
Link Posted: 3/12/2002 6:49:26 AM EST
"...unless you are a class 2/SOT" Explain, please. I might know someone who is. "...A LL will start at about $2500..." A what? I got the other two, but I don't know what a LL is. Can you tell me what a registered AOW is, and if that applies to this discussion? Thanks for the help...
Link Posted: 3/12/2002 8:08:22 AM EST
Unless you're the C2/SOT, you wouldn't be able to possess the machinegun after your 'friend' registered it. In addition to joe sixgun not being able to register new machineguns after 5/19/86, machinegunes registered after that time are restricted to law enforcement/gov't/military and export only. The "Lightning Link" is also known by its formal name as the SWD AR-15 Auto Connector. It's a drop-in machinegun conversion that works with all semi-auto fire control parts. There are something like a thousand that were registered before 1986. An AOW is "any other weapon" which is the NFA classification for guns that don't fit into other categories (like machineguns or short-barrel rifles). AOW includes gadget guns, smoothbore shotgun pistols, and also pistol-type firearms with two handgrips and no stock. Since an AOW isn't a rifle, pistol or shotgun, legally, it's not subject to the 94 AW ban. It can have any of the pre-ban features except a shoulder stock (collapsing or fixed).
Link Posted: 3/12/2002 9:15:59 AM EST
Thanks for the good information. I really appreciate it. Well- I guess I'm stuck in the middle w/ the rest of the US, all wanting an old gun that will allow us to have our fun. I pray for the day we elect legislators who will repeal this crap.
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