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Posted: 8/16/2007 7:18:06 PM EDT
Mindless Babblings and incoherent thoughts or the state of the nation.

It started out simple enough, had a bad day a work and then it spiraled out of control to get to my current state of mind. Talked to my mom and it is now confirmed she is as much of a liberal as I am a conservative. Antigun, antiwar (but pro military), amongst other things that I'm sure will crop up. It started off simple enough, the other day on MSNBC I think someone was talking about Michael Moore and more or less what an assclown he is. When my mom asks me my feelings on him, I said he should be tried for treason and drug out into the street and shot while his bowling for columbine is playing. Her response, "I like him" So I pulled out facts and finally got her to change her mind.... I think

Then it migrated to the war and she had the testicular fortitude (balls) to tell me that she supports me, my friends, and everyone else in the military but not the war. I tried to explain the hypocrisy in that, but it pissed me off to the point of I ended up hanging up the phone at that point. I can't believe that I came from her. I swear I must be adopted. How can somebody in their right mind say I support you but not what you’re getting blown up for? That doesn't work. That would be like the colonists says I support you George, Tom, and Ben, but this whole revolution to get away from the king just has got to stop. I much rather walk around some god forsaken country with a rifle than having to walk through the streets of my town with that same rifle.

Now for the good stuff.

She also said we should just pull out of Iraq because it's a lost cause, I said to her that our country isn't much better, look at the politicians, the immigration, the crime, and the plain and simple state that we are in.

The big one is immigration. Unless you are a Native American somewhere in your family tree somebody moved to this country. I know my grandfather is 1st generation American, his family came from Italy. I believe on my dad's side it's 2nd generation for the grandparents. Regardless of where they came from they kept their traditions with holidays but INTEGRATED into society. They learned English, got jobs and raised families. Sure my family is a little dysfunctional but that just makes it interesting. Now when you go to renew your driver’s license they ask if you want English or Spanish. How can you drive if you can't read the road signs that are printed in English. Seriously should I go back to school and learn more than, "Soy el borracho donde está la puta?" Rough translation: "I'm the drunk, where's the hooker?"

I remember when only Sesame Street had some Spanish in it, now you got full TV shows for the kids that are in spanglish. Now I'm all for immigration it's what made OUR country what it is. The pilgrims, puritans, and all the other early Americans were the best, they settled this land and made it into the greatest place on earth. And now we got politicians that the only thing they're good for is giving themselves raises and bleeding heart liberals saying let the Mexicans stay, let the people that break the law take away jobs from my fellow Americans and use up all the resources in health care and what not. Hell while we're at it lets ban pigs and Christianity because we don't want to offend the Muslims. Every time I read something or hear some like that I just want to gouge my eyes out because it will hurt less.

Please somebody tell me what this country is coming too? Please read these words below closely. It is an oath that we all have pledge countless times at countless meetings and in countless class rooms across this country.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

But oh no, we can't say that anymore because it has God in it. What happened people, 20 years ago this was a different country than it is today. What did I miss? I feel like Rip Van Winkle, I look back at when I was kid and played with hunks of lead and lived under power lines and I turned out fine, you guys turned out fine, your parents turned out fine, but now we can't do nothing with out getting sick, causing global warming, or offending someone. Well guess what I'm offended. I'm offended at those people that call them selves Americans and piss on the constitution and burn the flag. I'm offended at the resort I went to on vacation; because I went to buy a beer and when being carded I gave my .mil ID without thinking about it. The resort would not accept it, and it's in the lower 48. They would not accept it because it's not state issued. But guess what they accepted my carry permit every time and I enjoyed watching heads explode when they realized what the ID was.

Anyways, that the end of the rant, sorry for jumping around.

**Billy Madison - I award you no points and my God have mercy on your soul**

Oops I did it again I said God.
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