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Posted: 9/17/2001 3:04:29 PM EDT
This post is directed at those of you from MA or anyone who is knowledgable. I recently moved to Allston, MA and need to file for an FID card. I went to the licensing department at the Boston Police HQ this morning and everyone there had there own interpretation of what the law is. Also, NRAILA says that I have 60 days to acquire an FID after moving into MA, but the people down at licensing say you have to have the FID card before bringing any guns into the state. Is this true? The reason I tend to doubt them is because they couldn't even decide wether or not I am a resident or non-resident since I am a college student. I guess three heads aren't better than one. I do know that I need my birth certificate and proof of MA/Boston address...what else is required? Also, what type of FID card is needed for possession of AR type rifles, a Mossberg 590, and handguns w/ "large" capacity mags. I would like to be able to carry the side arms. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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It's been a long time since I left Mass behind, high taxes is right. Do you actually reside in Boston? My understanding is you must file with the police chief in the town you live in. I also think you have to be 21 to own a handgun. If the local cops can't give you a straight answer try the local state police barracks. WWW.Packing.org may have some info...it mostly deals with CCW but there may be something.
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slt223: Here's the breakdown of what the licenses mean: FID - any rifle that can only hold 10 rounds or less, or any shotgun that can hold 5 rounds or less. If the rifle or shotgun can be modified to hold more than those then you'll need the next permit up Class B - Any rifle or any shotgun. Any handgun that is limited in capacity to 10 rounds or less. Class A - Any rifle, any shotgun, or any handgun. If you want to bring in AR-15s and large-cap handguns, you're going to need the Class A. If you must apply for a permit I recommend you find a residency in some place other than Boston as the Boston PD is not known for there generosity in handing out permits. Also, there's a Boston city ordnance banning residents from owning hi-cap magazines. I think Boston also requires a special city-license if you want to own an "assault rifle/shotgun" in the city. I'm immune since I'm a resident of Quincy myself and got my Class A through that department very easily. If you need someone over at the BPD to clarify some laws then you might want to try to track down Lt. Corvoy. I spoke with him a couple of months ago about some rumors that I'd heard and he was able to clear them up pretty well. You may also want to check out the website for the Gun Owner's Action League (www.goal.org) as they are a MA-based gun-rights group. If you have any further questions feel free to e-mail me and I'd be glad to offer any further help that you may need.
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Contact me off line, I'm State Police certified to give the safety courses need to get your FID/LTC (of which you'll need the Class A LTC for high cap and/or concealed carry).
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www.goal.org answers many of your questions.
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Good luck to you- why did you have to move to MA??? You must be a student, if you live in Allston- my sympathies. If you are a student, remember NO GUNS on any kind of school property in MA- state law, and they enforce it. Note: you do not have to "register' any guns in MA, either as a resident or new resident. Just transfers such as sales. (De facto gun registration, I know...) Boston has other rules, but they haven't been tested in a court yet (Good luck to anybody who tries...). You do have 30 to 60 days to get a licence- get a Licence To Carry, "A", High-Capacity, and see if you can get it "All Lawful Purposes" on the licence, to avoid any possible problems and complications. You will have to take some kind of firearms class first, depending on what the local authorities require. The FID is a non-discretionary licence (so far...), but the LTC-A is discretionary- the CLEO of the given town or city in which you reside or OWN a business is the final arbiter of whether you can own large capacity pistols, or rifles that can take mags of over 10 rounds, and shotguns that hold over five rounds. You cannot even possess mags that hold over 10 rounds w/o an LTC/A in MA. Either leave your guns in storage, pray for the best, or with somebody you can trust- if you are stuck, hell- I'LL hold onto them for you, until you are licenced. The law is not clear on what you are supposed to do with your guns until you are properly licenced when you move into MA from somewhere else, where you had been legally licenced to use and possess them. Call up the Firearms Record Bureau on five separate occasions and you will get five separate opinions on a given issue, in my experience....they are nimnuls. If you call up the Office of Public Safety, they will tell you to get rid of your guns... :^) Don't even bother applying for the LTC-B- it is useless, and serves more as a trap to the unwary. Do not move to: Northborough Shrewsbury Boston Brookline Newton Sudbury Easthampton There are more, but I know at least these towns have VERY anti-gun CLEOs. If you can move outside of Rt 128/95, you will have a better chance of getting an LTC-A (ALP). Better yet, move outside of Rte. 495. Best: move outside of MA, if you can- go to southern New Hampshire or VT, ME, where the laws are better, and you can still commute to Boston. I live in Northborough.....(insert crying icon here) Contact GOAL, who are in Northborough, oddly enough.... www.goal.org
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Originally Posted By cmymud: Is this in America? That SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! [8]
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My brother now lives in Vancouver, WA, and,in his travels, goes to flea markets in various parts of the west and south, and always remarks on how rifles and pistols are for sale at them, like common merchandise. He told this to one vendor about how MA laws wouldn't allow this, bla bla bla, and the vendor said to him, "So you're from Massachusetts?" "Yes." "Welcome to America, son." :^) Here [on Nantucket] they still refer to the mainland as "America," as if it were a foreign nation. - --JOHN SEDGWICK
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Just so it is clear your goal should be to get a: Class A LTC For All Lawfull Purposes You will need to take a pistol course to qualify. You will be able to by any legal rifle, shotgun, rifle, and Mass compliant pistol as well as carry concealed. It is VERY tough to get "All Lawfull Purposes" in Eastern Mass, it is easy in Western Mass.
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Originally Posted By Lougotzz: You are in Mass. I dont know where you came from but Mass is one of the worse guns states out there. I am in NY and I think Mass is worse then us.
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Weeell, it's easier to get a CCW in some parts of MA, and the CCW is, once you get it, legal to use in our biggest city. You can even carry concealed in the State House. Is an NY CCW OK to use in NYC? Also, Class 3 (auto) is legal in MA. How about in NY?
Anti gun states are not only anti gun they are heavely taxed,high cost of living, very liberal in all there views,big on welfare. I don't understand it.
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I agree 100%.
(snip)I hope you don't meet a nice Mass girl cause she wont want to leave the state and you will be there for a long,long time. LOL
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Don't bother- Massachusetts women, esp in the Boston area, are ALL Rosie O'Donut anti-gun liberals. (I don't like making generalisations, but this is a pretty safe one, believe me...) My wife is British. I was a liberal when I met her. She is still British. I am no longer a liberal.
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While most of the things said here are true there are things you should remember. The Springfield Armory is here. How many States can say they made the rifle that saved the world? Savage Arms is here. How many States can say they made 1,000,000 rifles for the British in their time of need? S&W is here. Well, they are still sellouts. The shots fired heard round the world were here. Bunker hill is here. The Boston tea party was here. Paul Revere was here. Boston Masacre was here. Massachusetts has more war time and weapons history and honor then most States combined. I just don't think that gets said enough.
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If you think Mass. is tough, try living in "The Peoples Republic of NJ" Then you will know why we call NJ "GUN OWNERS HELL"
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Originally Posted By MAUSER88: If you think Mass. is tough, try living in "The Peoples Republic of NJ" Then you will know why we call NJ "GUN OWNERS HELL"
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Judging what I hear from people in NJ, that certainly sounds true. In MA we can (once we have the licencing...grrrr...) any type of gun and mag we want. No wood blocks in the mags, FREX. Even in NJ, reenactors who want to buy BP muskets apparently have to go ask the local police for permission. Here in MA, because reenactors are so politically active, they don't even need permission to own, buy and use muskets. Of course, owning and purchasing the BP for them- well, that's another matter, but no LEO wants to arrest reenactors, bec. it would make the govt. here look unpatriotic. Ironic, yes, but true. (I'm a reenactor, too, BTW.) Both states are examples of wacky freedom-grabbing liberals in charge, running amuck. If gun owners everywhere were as united and politically active as reenactors are in MA, we wouldn't have these problems in the US about the 2nd Amendment- its preservation and observance would be a no-brainer.
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Personally, I'd love nothing more than to get out of this state. I'm sick of the lying scumbag politicians we have here. Sick of the love-fest that the sheeple have for the Kennedys. Currently, I'm waiting a little while longer in my current job. I'm working now in IT and have some stock options that will vest in late 2002. Once those vest, I can bail from this job and finally work seriously on getting in law enforcement. I'd love to find a decent department in NH, VT, or ME that hires based on merit. Sick of the "who you know, not what you know" hiring practices of the departments in this state. Hell, I've had an easier time of getting my Class A "For All Lawful Purposes" in this state than getting a job as a LEO. One thing that did surprise me was the last time I went to renew my Class-A the Quincy detective who fingerprinted me commented "I don't even know why we bother with licenses. The people who bother to get the licenses aren't the ones out there committing the crimes anyway." I was shocked. He just pulled that out of no where. I hadn't even said anything other than telling him I was there to get fingerprinted. Maybe there will be hope in this state as the Libertarian party here continues to gain ground and followers. May take 20 years, but it may eventually happen.
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Originally Posted By Lougotzz: Hey guys dont take my post as a dig I was just giving the guy good advice not to get trapped. I personally think NY,NJ and Mass are one of the worse states. I can't forget kali
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No prob, Lou, none taken. I find it curious how different liberal states in the Northeast attack the "gun problem" differently- mostly out of heavy-handed ignorance about firearms in general. If they had their way, it would be: "Mr and Mrs America, turn 'em ALL in", as DiFi said on 60 Minutes a few years ago.
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I lived in Brockton, MA for about 23 years before moving here to Arizona. I don't even like to visit anymore...... I'm trying to get my family to move to free America but they are pretty stubborn... John
Link Posted: 9/19/2001 9:57:48 PM EDT
Thanks for the advice guys. Basically I have no hope of getting a CCW from Boston Plice HQ? I called The Brighton PD, but they told me I had to go to the Boston Police HQ for licensing. Is there anywhere else I can go...I have a car up here, I'm willing to drive.
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Forget MA... Heck if you go to MIT or something like that, transfer to UT Austin or something... the ranking may not be as good as some of the schools in Boston, but the Faculty here is good (Those ratings only base on Teacher/Student ratio... it wouldnt even matter by the time you're a senior... senior classes are all 35 people and under...), very diverse population, and not to mention, less gun laws! Heck I can own AR-15's and not worry about government, and can have as many hicaps as I want... Austin may be a liberal town, but Texas laws says that cities cant make laws on posessing/selling of firearms... in another words, even if they dont like it they must go as lax as TX... If you dont believe me you can see how pissed off Brady clones are at TX.... avoid largely populated area such as NY, CA... Houston is a fine city, probably have way less gun-haters as compared to Austin (there is like NO range near UT Campus and I dont have a car.... well except one but I dont think there is much I can improve on if all I can shoot with rifles is 10 yard, and cant shoot anything but 22LR's- not to mention its locked until someone from the Austin Rifle Club comes in...) Avoid suburban areas because they are dominated by soccer moms and when they hear gun they panic. If you do move to Austin in the future near UT, be sure of one thing... no dorms will ever allow firearms, wheather the dorm is on or off campus. The minute they hear guns they will have you evicted VERY fast. I dont know about apartments since I havent seen anything in the lease contract that says you cant have a gun... but given the ratios of manager-type people that hates guns, expect some trouble from landlords if they know you got guns... remember though if it doesnt say it in the lease contract the landlord cant evict you and they will have to buy you out of the lease (like what happened to OSI) and if they do that I would take the money and move elsewhere... and use that money to buy yourself another AR-15 or thousands of rounds of ammo... PS: Dorms does have "no firearms" in the lease contract and resident handbook... check your agreements before staying there! Even if they are of "no firearms" type, get a hardshell guitar case (and buy a guitar too!), make sure your roommate is pro-gun (important!!!), and if you are going to the range, put your gun in the guitar case... then any landlords/Resident Assisstant's will think you are going to a gig, which is why you get a guitar. Oh BTW store the gun in the guitar case too, if the landlords got any reason to suspect you they can come in your room (they have entry rights) and find the gun and kick you out. dont even THINK about carrying it openly! and finally, dont even TALK about guns in front of your anti-gun friends, okay to debate on gun control, but dont give them a hint that you got a gun... they'll freak.
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