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Posted: 5/10/2002 9:01:21 AM EDT
Ok, I've been away from this site for a while, but really wanted some advice. Ever since September 11th I've felt like I needed more from my life and occupation. I quit my job with Goodyear(3.5yrs) and after a few weeks enlisted in the Marines. Why b/c that's the way I felt called, I can get the training I need to become a LEO like I want to now, and I can get a college degree. Enough about that. What I really want to know since I ship in a week is some helpful advice from people who have served and been there if that's possible. If it helps I managed to get MP as my MOS. Thanks in advance for any pointers.[marines]
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 9:12:39 AM EDT
First, Good Luck!! Listen and watch as much as you can. And Thanks. [beer]
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 9:21:48 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 9:32:41 AM EDT
I can't say much more than kpel308. He pretty much summed it up.

Everything you will do for the next 13 weeks has a purpose, even if it seems like the most idiotic, sadistic BS you've ever been involved in.

Good luck, and welcome to the family.
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 9:51:23 AM EDT
Dont volunteer for anything while in boot. This is good advise.

Link Posted: 5/10/2002 1:31:34 PM EDT
Thanks guys, I hope I make everybody counting on me proud.  I just hope I keep my focus while at boot camp and never lose sight of who I am and where I want to go. [stick]
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 1:46:27 PM EDT
Good luck and Godspeed!!! All good advice above, watch your barracks mates...if something smells like shit it is...your SGT's will keep you straight...vaya con Dios.
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 2:33:17 PM EDT
First of all, NEVER volunteer for anything!!!

Secondly, always keep your boots spitpolished & brass shined. Appearances can get you out of a minor infraction from a DI. Not always, but sometimes. >gg<

And for gawd sakes, SHOOT EXPERT AT THE RANGE!!!
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 2:40:31 PM EDT
Here's the best advice you'll get...

Don't be afraid to get up, at night, just after the lights go out, and take a good long dump.
Do this your first night, and make a habit of it.

The last thing you want, is to be taking one in the middle of the day with a DI standing over you screaming "YOU'RE DONE!!".

Don't fall for the advice to keep a low profile.
That's loser talk.
Stand out.
Be the best.

Remember, Boot Camp is fun.
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 2:52:35 PM EDT
Just remember that boot camp is a test of wills and after the 13 weeks you'll be drinking buddies with your DI's so don't take what they say and do to personal. I've seen some break down just during those several weeks, we started with 70 recruits and only graduated 45, but that was almost Twenty years ago ( when the DI's still hit you )I'm sure the corp still upholds the fine standards of training as they did back in the days. Good luck and congradulations. We are proud to have you serve.

oohh rahaa  Brother
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 8:20:29 PM EDT
If you get invited to a whisky locker party; don't go.

If the Senior DI gives you something of his for whatever reason; don't lose it.

If some stupid sack recruit wants to brawl with you; don't do it.

If you get to the "moment of truth" and you feel like telling; DONT

Tell people if their going to send you care packages - DON'T SEND FOOD! (I don't think you want to see how fast you can try to eat a bag of "Chips Ahoy".)

If you feel like slackin while "snappin in"; don't

If you feel like laughing at a DI cause he said something funny; "FOR CHRIST SAKE MAN" Don't

If you can still get "Windrift," bring me back some... I miss boot camp. :(
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 8:28:04 PM EDT
I volunteered a couple of times in boot, nothing too bad. Just keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut and you'll come through alright.
Link Posted: 5/10/2002 8:34:12 PM EDT
Change the MOS to 8541 Scout/Sniper.

Good Luck
Link Posted: 5/11/2002 4:47:37 AM EDT
When you say quit you mean you told goodyear that you were goin in the service, right?
That way in four years when you get out you can get your job back with senority.
Link Posted: 5/11/2002 4:51:29 AM EDT
You can't just change to "8541 Scout/Sniper".
Just like you can't have your recruiter make you a Drill Instructor.
And you can't get a guarantee of Force Recon.
This ain't the Army.

If one wants to become a Scout Sniper, then you sign up to be a Rifleman, 0311.
When you get out to the Fleet, IF you are one of the top Rifle Experts in your Battalion, AND you demonstrate maturity and professionalism, then MAYBE you will be selected to be a member of the Bn STA Team (Surveillance Target Acquisition). The S2 (STA Plt Cmmdr) then might send you to SS School.

The Corps is not the Army.
You must earn your opportunities.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:40:47 AM EDT
Even though he isn't following in my footsteps (U.S. Navy, Submarine Service), which I can easily understand, I am extremely proud of my son "Lethal".  The Corps has got to be THE most honorable and elite of the branches of service.  His willingness to serve in such troubled and uncertain times, and do so with the U.S. Marines ("First To Fight") is the most significant decision in his life, so far.

The whole family's thoughts and prayers will be with him over the next 13 weeks, and throughout his enlistment.

Semper Fi Lethal!  [marines]
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:11:03 PM EDT

If you feel like laughing at a DI cause he said something funny; "FOR CHRIST SAKE MAN" Don't
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I don't know about that. The funniest thing I ever saw was when a guy laughed with/at a DI. He didn't do it again. >gg<
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 11:43:50 PM EDT
Best of luck and thank you for your service!
Link Posted: 5/14/2002 12:15:40 AM EDT
Never admit to it if they ask all you college boys raise your hands,you will be own your hands and knees picking up butts,while the DI explains why an education won't help you in the corps.

 Bob   [8D]
Link Posted: 5/14/2002 12:36:45 AM EDT
Good luck and dont shoot at the ground hogs insted of the targets!
Link Posted: 5/14/2002 7:58:13 AM EDT

I don't know about that. The funniest thing I ever saw was when a guy laughed with/at a DI. He didn't do it again. >gg<
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It probably was funny but I'll just take your word for it.[B)]
Link Posted: 5/14/2002 12:36:55 PM EDT
Just remember, it's not that bad and you can make it.

Whether you keep a low profile or not is up to you, but not a single one of the recruits who stood out enjoyed it any more than the recruits who never said anything. Even the guide and squad leaders, who rotated on an almost weekly basis, didn't enjoy it.

Don't piss off your squad leaders, by the way, unless you like firewatch.

Welcome aboard,
- Semper Fi
Link Posted: 5/17/2002 10:47:18 AM EDT
Well, yesterday was a long day(20hrs), mostly "hurry up and wait".  We had two moments of truth at the Dallas MEPS center for our 96hr pre-ship. What I thought was really hilarious was what the Master Sargent told us, but I didn't laugh. He said that at Camp Pendleton they have a machine that some doctors with PHD's had come up with. He said it takes your urine sample and turns it into a vapor allowing them to see your genes. In your genes will be encoded how many times and what type of drugs you have ever done![rolleyes] What I thought was even better was he said that it was so advanced that they could even tell what, when, and how many times your parents did drugs![whacko] It's amazing what they will tell you to try to get some of the guys to crack and start telling their life history. Anyways after waiting all day, doing a boatlaod of paper work, I found out I got Infantry instead of Military Police(3rd choice). O well, at least I'm not a cook. It should be fun to train with that many weapons. I'm pretty much garunteed to ship on monday, may 20 so I hope I'm ready for this.  Thanks everybody, keep me in your prayers.
Link Posted: 5/17/2002 10:53:23 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/17/2002 10:57:04 AM EDT
Give 'em hell, lethal! Good luck and Godspeed.

And allow me to be the first to say to you:

"Pushups! All of them that have not yet been done!

Link Posted: 5/17/2002 11:48:35 AM EDT
I didn't see these tips mentioned.

1. Be sure to make lots of direct eye contact with the DI.

2. Smile a lot, and laugh when hear or see something funny DI's love a good sense of humor.

3. Take your time to complete your assigned task, enjoy the ride there's no reason to hurry.

[}:D] [}:D] [}:D]

Good luck!!!
Link Posted: 5/17/2002 4:37:04 PM EDT
At least you are not a COOK!!!!!!

Hell,you ain't even a boot camp WANNABE yet!!!!!

Get your head on straight or you'll never make it.

Every Marine is a rifleman.
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