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Posted: 4/22/2004 10:08:37 AM EST
Never heard of one existing, and I barely paintball at all... But I was wondering if there were any paintball guns that were manually powered, ie used a pump action to power the shot, not just load it. I'd love something that worked like a pump shotgun that didn't require a CO2 canister. It would make for some interesting matches if both sides used it. I've only seen an airsoft gun that did this.
Link Posted: 4/26/2004 3:08:20 PM EST
Sorry guy, no such animal. CO2 or compressed air are the only power sources at the moment.
Link Posted: 5/6/2004 12:44:38 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/6/2004 12:52:59 PM EST by POOR_MAN]
I used to go to these Paint Ball parks alot and one time during a big Woodland Game Scenerio I met a guy who made a Pump Musket like Shotgun/Muzzle Loader Paint marker. It Looked almost like a Rem. 870, and fired 6- 40. cal (blowgun) paint balls, really cool,but pretty inefective, It would be fun if everyone playing had Pump (to pressurize) Guns, But if you have every been stuck with any kind of Pump (to cycle) type paint ball guns like the ole' Tiger Shark, even a Stingray poses a big threat, I could not Imagine having to pump up the pressure evry time to shoot,

Most paint ball guns are horribly inaccurate! so the idea is to put as much paint in the air as possible and you might get lucky,

There are guys at some of these WARR Game scenerios with paint Gatling Guns, homemade Paint Mines and Home made paint Grenade Launchers, There are Many different Kinds of animals in the Wilds of Paintball.

Get creative I bet with a limited knowledge of PVC pipe and JB weld one could get creative and make a Red Knecked rigged up gun. Duct Tape and Bailing wire,

Nevermind dont try it.

Just buy a good C02 marker and make a few trips to your local supplier, Buy a Ass load of Tanks....

There is also Nitro powered Markers and The Airsof5t uses "Green Gas" which I know nothing about.
Link Posted: 5/6/2004 9:16:44 PM EST
I guess I'm just looking for something with completely uniform power and minimul supplies (ie paintballs only) Indeed both sides would have to use such guns.

As a fan of pump shotguns, a paintball that worked in a similar manner would be nice.
Link Posted: 5/7/2004 8:37:28 AM EST
I bet if you look around around hard enough you will find some big War Games scenerio's. There you will find these old guys that build all kinds of oddities, I have even seen some Golf carts that where converted to tank-like vehicles, Know most of this is very un-orthadox and serious injury can result from building these contraptions.

I had lots of fun at the Warr Games I went to,(Axis and Allies) but I would just get a co2 powered paint Marker and save your self the trouble.

I would go get a few cheap paint markers, and as long as everyone playing with you has the same gun even the Brass Eagle Talon can be alot of fun. or a PT enforcer.
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