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Posted: 3/21/2001 3:54:15 PM EST
OK SO EVERYONE IS GET BORED. THEN ANSWER THESE. which post is funnier mallcop or fluffy /is wolf ammo good or bad /which is better an ak or ak / what is better reddot or glass scope / who would you rather date a mcuzi crack whore or a good girl / where do you shoot private or public land / which state is more gun friendly / what's your favorite gun/movie/music/car / show me your mags/guns/girls/cars/shooting range / all your base/guns/girls/cars are belong to us / tell us about your range idiots/worst dealers/buyers/ pro or con police / list in order what rifle/ammo/mags i should buy next / i leaving this site / i'm not / feed the trolls/ do not feed the trolls / the shtf / the s"did not"htf / when will/ how will it / and finally TO BE OR NOT TO BE[:\][:\][:\][:\]
Link Posted: 3/21/2001 4:23:40 PM EST
Well phuck me! It's $hit like this that makes me pissed/paranoid/racist/anti UN/LEO/blah blah/generic inflamatory reply!!!!!!!!!BLAH BLAH BLaH!!! Signed: Armchair-commando-wannabe-blah- and blah
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