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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/22/2001 5:12:38 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/22/2001 5:12:06 PM EST by ParaPyroPig]
Finally got to qualify with my Glock 22 & 27 on Friday at the Palm Beach County Sheriffs' Office Range out in Belleglade (read: BFE). I bought them last year, but until now, they weren't authorized. Now my wife can get off my back about the two guns collecting dust in the safe... The Glock 22 has been fitted with MMC tritium (green front, red rear) night sights and an ITI M3 light. It all rides in a Safariland #6280. The 27 rides on my left ankle in a Galco ankle rig. I'll eventually put three-dot tritums on it, too. The new duty round for these is the 155grn HydraShok. Beats the dog snot out of the department's 9mm issue round: Winchester 147grn Ranger SXT (renamed Black Talon). Ugh. - The department armorer is a dyed-in-the-wool Facklerite who steadfastly refuses to consider the 127grn +P+ SXT... The department's Glock 17 (2nd Generation) will be turned in to the armorer. My Glock 26 "longslide" (a 19 with the frame cut to take 26 magazines) will now be the wife's. If I can get her to carry it.[rolleyes] To answer your next obvious question, I did the frame mod with a scalpel, files, and 400 grit sandpaper. Why? The damn 19 was too big for my ankle, and I didn't have the scratch to buy a 26. After I realized that the 26 was ~$400.00 (pig price), and the 26 mag was $18.00, my course of action was clear. [:)] I got 45/48, and 48/48 for score. Yeah, good (not great) numbers, but my groups sucked; one roughly in the "chest" area, the other in the "abdomen" of the "Smurf" targets. I assume I was anticipating recoil during the second shot of the controlled pairs (double taps) and nosed the muzzle. Oh well, it's a damn good excuse to go to the range more often!!![;D] What other .40 Short & Weak duty rounds are ya'll aware of? P3[pyro][^] -Did I just write "ya'll"? Oh, shit...
Link Posted: 7/22/2001 5:40:28 PM EST
I have had very good luck with Remingtons golden Saber in 40. Smacked a pitbull down hard and fast.
Link Posted: 7/22/2001 5:55:49 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/22/2001 6:42:49 PM EST
Well, you can belive war stories, or Jello shooters. I am lucky enough to be next to an SO that has shot the shit outta some folks in the past few years. All with the 180 gr. Ranger SXT from Sig P229's. They have worked everytime, and only a couple are still burning 0xygen. So I am glad we are now carrying the 180 SXT instead of the 165 gr. SXT which is a sorry, sorry load. We have shot folks with both the HydraShok and SXT load. No stops, and the guy shot with the SXT plucked it out of his shoulder while outrunning one of my SWAT guys. Our training coordinator is retired FBI, and he reviewed all of the shootings with the 180gr. SXT. Full access to all reports, autopsy photo's and even the recovered bullets. So I have no problem with a round that the pistol was originally designed to feed and shoot. BTW we issue Glock 22's.
Link Posted: 7/22/2001 6:51:53 PM EST
Man-a-live, Man-a-live, shoulda got a .45 !!!!! a HK usp .45 of course....[:D]
Link Posted: 7/22/2001 8:28:26 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/22/2001 8:27:10 PM EST by ParaPyroPig]
Originally Posted By Butkus 51: Man-a-live, Man-a-live, shoulda got a .45 !!!!! a HK usp .45 of course....[:D]
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Funny you mention it - I seriously considered a .45 USP. A fellow officer of mine got a compact and loves it. I stuck with the "10mm Short" for the .40' having better penetration (and bullet integrity) when encountering car doors & glass. I wish I could carry my Glock 20 with 175grn Silvertips, though... Stg44: Ironically, I had 180grn SXTs loaded in the 22 until last week, when I discovered that we were going to the 155 HS. BTW, Who do you work for? I'm in Palm Beach County. E-mail me... P3[pyro][^]
Link Posted: 7/23/2001 6:21:47 AM EST
165gr. Golden Sabres and 165gr. Gold Dots have also been chosen by L.E. agencies. They are both great rds. IMO. [b]Avoid Fed. 165gr. Hydra-Shoks, they are a wimp load.[/b]
Link Posted: 7/23/2001 4:38:20 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/24/2001 9:18:42 AM EST
Originally Posted By Troy: Yes, they are. On purpose, in fact. They are loaded as light as possible to still meet the FBI's desired specs (which I don't necessarily agree with). The 180gr load is MUCH different.
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I couldn't believe the FBI specified and adopted that round!!! It is so anemic why did they even bother upgrading from a 9mm/downgrading from 10mm!? I've heard that they're switching to 165gr. Golden Sabres or the new full power 165gr. Gold Dots, which are two great loads.
Link Posted: 7/24/2001 9:32:17 AM EST
Someone should write a book on this stuff. "Hey we need something bigger than a 45" "OK, here's a 10mm" "Holy crap this 10mm is a bit hard to handle" "OK, here is a downloaded 10, lets call is a 40 S&W" "Not bad, now we need some guns to fire it in" "Ask and ye shall receive" "This 40 is a bit tricky to reload, some folks are complaining about blown out casings" ....some more time goes by... "Hey whats the best 40 load there is?" "Hmmmmm. How about a 45 ACP" and the wheel turns...[:D]
Link Posted: 7/24/2001 9:34:55 AM EST
Wish my dept.(NYPD) would authorize .40, oh well for now I guess 9 is fine....[pistol] Going to the range now to kill paper...
Link Posted: 7/24/2001 10:49:42 AM EST
Originally Posted By Waverunner: Wish my dept.(NYPD) would authorize .40, oh well for now I guess 9 is fine...
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Which round do you carry? The Win. Ranger 127gr. +P+ is a really good load for 9mm.
Link Posted: 7/24/2001 10:54:05 AM EST
Originally Posted By Kevin:
Originally Posted By Waverunner: Wish my dept.(NYPD) would authorize .40, oh well for now I guess 9 is fine...
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Which round do you carry? The Win. Ranger 127gr. +P+ is a really good load for 9mm.
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Speer 124 gr GDHP +P...standard issue, nothing else is authorized
Link Posted: 7/24/2001 3:02:49 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/24/2001 5:52:32 PM EST
Originally Posted By Troy: ..."Ok, we'll chop the 10mm down and give you a smaller gun chambered in .40S&W..."
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Troy's right on the $. The .40 Short & Weak (I prefer the term "10mm Short" myself) sounded the death knell for my beloved 10mm Automatic. It is, quite literally, IMVHO, an answer looking for a question. Balistically, the .40 S&W is only marginally better than the 9mmP, and only pulls at the apron strings of its mom, the 10mm Auto. I carried a hybrid-ported Glock 20 from 1991-2000. My favorite load was a 135grn Nosler JHP loaded to ~1550fps. But, litigiousness being what it is today, I eventually opted for the plain-jane 175grn Silvertips. Bastard would group 2" all day long, if I did my part. Wish I could carry the damn thing on duty now.[>(] The wildcat 9x25 Dillon, a necked-down 10mm, was stillborn, too. - I'd feel rather well-armed with a (albeit nonexistent) 127grn Winchester SXT loaded to ~1650-1700fps.[;D] -Contemplation of a long-barreled carbine in said caliber tickles me in a special place, too. Instead, there's now the .357SIG. Hmmmmmmmmm... WARNING: ESOTERICA AHEAD: And, while we're at it, what about the .224 BOZ? Some will recall that this is a 10mm necked-down to 5.56mm. It was born in Europe (Britain?) and was designed to give the FN P90 / 5.7mm some competition. I know a 1911-style gun was made for it, as well as a Glock 20 and an H&K MP-10. Nothing I'm aware of in the states, though... OFW. P3[pyro][^]
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