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Posted: 6/13/2002 11:13:19 AM EDT
Is there a way to mount a FAT32(VFAT) partition in read/write? and have it automount at bootup. I tried editing the /etc/fstab file, but I can only get it to mount in mode 755. any Ideas?? After I finish my current project, I will be switching permanently to a new drive, but for now that second drive can't be converted because it is my old win98 installation. I also need to be able to access this drive in Win98..
Link Posted: 6/13/2002 11:15:13 AM EDT
No clue, but I'm interested in the answer. I want to start playing with Linux, prolly on a duel boot system. BTW, linux gurus, preference on flavor when you answer his question?

Link Posted: 6/13/2002 11:43:09 AM EDT
why can't you do read/write with 755? Aren't you the user?
Link Posted: 6/13/2002 12:01:20 PM EDT
???  I used to mount Windows drives on Linux all the time, and read and write to them.  Since the FAT-type filesystems don't have any user information, anyone should be able to write to them.

Hmm.  Then again, to mount the drives, I had to be logged in as root.  But I'm about 90% sure that I could get at them (both read and write) even when I went back to normal user mode.

As far as mounting automatically at bootup, that should just be a matter of what options you specify in the fstab and other related files.  The man pages should have the options listed.
Link Posted: 6/13/2002 12:06:40 PM EDT
on bootup it mounts is as root. Basically I want root, and a set of users to have access to it...Should I be making a seperate group for this? I've only been running linux for about a week and a half.. still have alot to learn. Surprised by hows much I can do already.
Link Posted: 6/13/2002 12:09:44 PM EDT
Check out this article and see if it helps at all
Link Posted: 6/13/2002 12:11:11 PM EDT
here's a better one.

Link Posted: 6/13/2002 12:42:52 PM EDT
Cman - Thank you! that first one was what I needed...seems I've seen that before in numerous other FAQ's, but that one finally explained it in a way that it clicked for me! Now my files are no longer safe from me! I gots a long way to go.
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