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Posted: 3/3/2001 8:25:30 PM EDT
I would trek blazing deserts for a lightweight "16 bbl and a lightweight "20. I'd like to get in touch with Bushmaster, Rock River Arms, Eagle Arms/Armalite, OlyArms, Wilson Barrels(they make J&T's) Cavalry Arms, (not colt, no good asking them) or ANYBODY who would make them? I call and ask, but I get the same canned reply "we are not currently planning to manufacture any l/w barrels, but we DO have lots of heavies bla-bla-bla-yadda-yadda".

I have seen newbie people at Gun shows pick up SP1's, and preban lw's, and look shocked! They can't belive how great this gun is! Whyzit so LIGHT? I WANNA....! then they see the price tag , and break into tears, and snivel off to buy a heavy as he** postban.

I don't use my rifle barrel for jacking up cars, and I don't care if my groups are slightly larger out at 200 yards-if I'm shooting out to 200, I'll be using my heavy bbl ATN scoped Dissapator. When I'm gonna haul my rifle/carbine here there and everywhere, I wanna light barrel!! (pant, pant)[:(]


I've sufficiently regained my composure enough to say that I would be willing to write up a letter to each of these companies, explaining what we want(l/w profile bbl's), and if we get enough people passionately saying that "YES, we would buy l/w bbl's, uppers, and complete rifles, now make 'em availible to the public, and watch 'em soar", then they might make som l/w bbl's, uppers, and complete rifles.

I'd like to get all the Screen names of those who agree that a good l/w bbl has it's place in the AR15clone family, and that they would buy and recommend them to others. If you agree, respond below. I'd then petition(polite, businesslike letter) these people, and see if we can't get them to do something. I remember that once in the Bushmaster Forum, we all were asked what we wanted BM to make for Christmas-answer? l/w Bushmasters! We did the same thing talking about l/w Dissapators. It's worth a shot.

Can we do this? I'd be willing to try.

Link Posted: 3/3/2001 9:40:02 PM EDT
I would buy at least one - for sure.

Link Posted: 3/3/2001 9:51:08 PM EDT
I'm looking at the "I'd like to get your screen names" part, and realizing that that doesn't tell you whether to e-mail, or post, or what. so the answer is-

post below if I can use your response  as an affirmative towards the petition for manufacturers manufacturing l/w bbl's.

or for Florida voters

Say yeh if you want them to make 'em!

BTW, this isn't like the group purchase in that you are signing up to buy on RIGHT NOW, just saying that you'd like them to make some, cuse it's likely you'd buy one. (sorry to insult your intelligence, but I don't wanna scare anyone off)
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 9:56:22 PM EDT
I would one for each of my kids. Their post-ban AR’s are a bit heavy for them; they want to shoot my two L/W pre-bans instead of practicing with their own AR’s at the range.

Link Posted: 3/3/2001 10:00:27 PM EDT
I bet these guys could make a light AR barrel, http://www.christensenarms.com/. Put me down for one.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 10:30:48 PM EDT
Hey MadMatt-good one! might be expensive, but I'll ask. Apparently, this guy INVENTED carbon Fiber barrels-would be cool if he was up for another invention-l/w AR bbl's. have to see how many people respond liking the Idea, they're not gonna make just one. The L/w postban barrel has been out of the scene for too long-it's part of the reason this gun was invented.

BTW, if the response is really good, and and I can't get any one of the manufacturers to add them to their regular product line, but they would consider doing a single batch-this could turn into a group buy! [:D] Personally, I'd rather see someone actually add them to their line! So if you think it's a good idea, let me know NOW, don't wait for the group buy, else the whole thing never happen. We could really get a large petition together this way.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 11:02:15 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 11:13:42 PM EDT
Chrome lined???



I wanna!!

I swear, man, you will garner immediate business from me if you do get them, I'll buy the whole rifle(been wanting one for a while), and an extra barrel first thing.

A Cav-15 with a l/w bbl. Can't wait!

OK, y'all I guess that settles it, I didn't (and couldn't) know that anyone was planning a l/w barrel. I thought I had called everyone.

Thanks Garry, I'll bet you'll do well with them. People I know, and not just here, wannem bad(check the build it youself forum, that's where this thread started).

Great kilt, BTW. Clan MacDuff, on my father's side.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 11:14:04 PM EDT
You can always do what I do to mine.  I remove the barrels and then turn them down to a more respectable diameter, then dip them in the parkerizing tank.

What is this junior member stuff?  Been at this forum for a long time!??
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 1:28:38 AM EDT
DPMS sells a lightweight 20in bbl--pt# BL-FN7 1-9 twist--------and a lightweight 16in bbl--pt# BL-FN7A 1-9 twist.
Note gunguyr---As per Vol#10/00 Dealer/Dist Catalog---Both bbl's are listed as 1-9 twist.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 6:19:03 AM EDT
noname, my catalog lists those barrels as 1-7 twist
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 7:43:50 AM EDT
Sounds like a good idea to me. My Bushy empty is heavier than a Win model 88 in .308.  WTF?

Molon Manufacture!!
(Come and Make Them)
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 7:45:08 AM EDT
I'd buy a 16".
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 8:10:39 AM EDT
heII Yeah!

lightweight, chrome lined and with a properly sized gas port!

the last one is something that the Wilson bbls have "issues" with.

some vendors are trying to sell 16" colt lightweight bbls for $500, that's the BARE bbl, no gas tube or handguards.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 8:24:20 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 8:31:41 AM EDT
In all seriousness, as someone stated above, I think it would be cheaper and more efficient to just have the barrel you have turned by either a gunsmith you know or just take it to a reputable machine shop in your area and have them turn it to the diameter you want, if you've already removed the barrel it shouldn't cost more than an hour's shop time, probably under $75. A special run from the mfg is most likely gonna cost $$$.
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 8:52:20 AM EDT
A quality lightweight AR barrel- is that what you want?

M16 A2 Gov't. Type 20" Barrel - $185.00
(Item #: A BBL-20A2)
"Machined "profile" of this barrel- standard diameter under the handguards- allows installation of the M203 grenade launcher. This barrel is what you'll want when restoring that older Pre-ban." - from BM catalog

This is a lightweight 20" barrel with a bayonet lug and A2 bird-cage flash-supressor. I bet it's also a 1-9 twist, chrome lined.

Bushmaster has what you need.
see it for yourself:
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 9:47:03 AM EDT
Sorry Gonzo...

The Bm M16 A2 Gov't. is only light under the handguards. It's HBar style forward of the sightpost.

Now I'm drooling... the beauty of a chrome lined 15" full liteweight barrel with some type of perm. fhalshider/muzzlebrake.... [smoke]
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 9:56:04 AM EDT
There are any number of 16" Colt lightweight barrels for sale in SGN. Advertised as chromelined 1/9" twist. When Fulton Armory was making the Millenial upper, (Colt 1/12" A1 barrel on a match A2 upper) I suggested to Clint that he make a dissipator model. They now offer that as well in a cut down lw A1 barrel. Sarco has had new GI A1 barrels for about $135. There have been a few FN A1 1/9 I belive chromelined lurking around. The BM goverment profile is an A2 contour barrel. Wasp waisted-thin under the hand guards, fat at the ends. I'm having one cut back to 16.1" for a as close as I can get lw dissipator in a 1/9 twist. Colt A1 barrels are available all over the place, in very reduced numbers and premium prices. Like Garryowen stated, the front sight post and barrel extension are what are in short supply.  
Link Posted: 3/4/2001 9:57:04 AM EDT
Basically I think what we want is an SP1 barrel in 1x9 twist. I would be the first in line to buy one. I hate not being able to fire heavy bullets from my SP1.

Link Posted: 3/4/2001 1:59:29 PM EDT
I see the Light, Amish_Bill-
SIGN ME UP on the petetion for a lightweight "pencil-barrel".
WWW.BLACKRIFLE.COM sometimes has them but they're sold out.
I'd like a current production 16" or 20" pencil barrel in the old 1-12 twist. Please.

what's the difference between a 20" original pencil barrel and the 20" Gov't. profile barrel? Six ounces.
I have a 20" Gov't. profile and it is lighter and better balanced than my 16" Hbar Dissipater! I also have a 16" pencil barreled AR that's light as a feather, and I assure you- it is WORTH the hunt!
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