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Posted: 5/22/2005 5:34:25 AM EDT
Some crazy and unrelated discussions have raised these 2 questions recently.

First I have seen a few Celebs get busted with dope at airports and all they got was a $500 ticket and didn't even get detained. Is this SOP for any person with a personal use amount of Marijuana at an airport? I thought that was a Felony since it is being transported across state lines?

Secondly I have had Cows shot and killed by hunters over the years and one time the guy never would pay for the cow so we called the cops. We dropped the charges (which would have been destruction of property or something) after he agreed to pay.
What would the charge be for HUMANELY killing a person's pet?
Link Posted: 5/22/2005 6:55:19 AM EDT
The only time marijuana would be a felony if it was a certain amount (depending on state laws) or if it was really alot federal prosecution. I know of no crime for transporting across state lines.

Cows are not pets. They are livestock. It would be destruction of property as cows are routinely slaughtered for beef. Shooting of dogs or cats can be a Felony. If you are doing it for no reason ie
just because you dont like cats. If they are damaging your property, attacking you so forth you have the right to protect yourself. Or they too can be killed for consumption. Yeah we had to get a District Attornys ruling on that one. The hispanics were barbequing dogs in onr of our local parks. Can you imagine the calls we got.
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