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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/19/2002 9:56:16 PM EST
Whos better?
Link Posted: 6/19/2002 10:19:52 PM EST
Leno... of course I only watch the monologe//
Link Posted: 6/19/2002 10:23:15 PM EST
Letterman. He has an original shtick. Leno has done nothing but copied Letterman. Just look at all the big events of the last ten years. Letterman has done a show focused on an event, then the next night Leno has pretty much copied it. The most Recent Example is 9-11, Letterman did a very heartfelt show and Leno put on a re-run, but the next night Leno did a show that pretty much emulated Letterman's show the night before. The way I look at it Leno has always been one night behind Letterman. Always copying what Letterman had done the night before. -Uhlek
Link Posted: 6/19/2002 10:27:05 PM EST
Letterman, bar none! Jay Leno is no more than a Rosie with a larger platform (audience) and a larger NoSe. [:D]
Link Posted: 6/19/2002 10:46:47 PM EST
Depends on where you live. Letterman plays better on the metropolitan coasts, and Leno plays better in the heartland. The producers tailor their respective shows accordingly. I like Letterman much better because he has a deep respect for the history of the late-night shows. A lot of the skits he does is in direct homage(ripoff if you're cynical) to the stuff Allen, Benny, Paar, and Carson did. He also originates a lot of stuff that actually lets the audience discover different kinds of humor, silly or sophisticated. Leno just mines the same old club jokes that's safe, and tried and true in middle America. The only reason he beats Letterman is that folks in those areas watch more TV thans folks in urban areas where there are more things to do. I'm not knocking any region, that's what the numbers tell you. The best in my time, however, is Carson. 30 years on top of the heap and he left without ever looking back. That's how you're supposed to go out.
Link Posted: 6/19/2002 10:51:58 PM EST
We now have a poll.
Link Posted: 6/19/2002 11:12:06 PM EST
Carson all the way...I just don't like the new guys
Link Posted: 6/19/2002 11:13:02 PM EST
who the hell is Parr and Bishop????
Link Posted: 6/19/2002 11:28:50 PM EST
Jack Parr, had the Tonight Show before Carson. Started it. Joey Bishop, one of the "rat pack" with Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Shirley McLain, Peter Lawford, anyway, Bishop was on same time Carson was on, he only lasted a few years. His side kick was Regis Filbin.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 1:21:16 AM EST
Arsenio Hall was the bomb! Well, while he lasted. [:(] I no longer watch TV, so I'll vote for Carson. He was truly good.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 2:50:06 AM EST
There can be only one-- Carson. No one was as good, before or since. And besides, Letterman is as ugly as a pitbull's ass.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 2:55:16 AM EST
I agree with marvl. Letterman should be a poster boy for a prophylactic and an example of the need for planned parenthood.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 3:19:08 AM EST
They are both a waste of airtime.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 3:28:09 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 5:28:08 AM EST
I would occasionally be forced to watch either of these Jimmy hats on occasion, then I got DirecTV. I had no idea they were still on. When will someone kick the Big Three's other leg into the grave and cover it up?
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 5:35:31 AM EST
Letterman was the most intelligent, creative, witty and funny of them all. Carson was hands-down the classiest of them all. Very funny also. Leno's just a clumsy, clunky, no-class, no-talent, unfunny, dimwitted, insulting, third-rate standup comic.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 5:45:51 AM EST
I like Lettermans antics, and those stupid hams are just damn funny.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 5:57:51 AM EST
Leno is unoriginal. I'm guessing he doesn't have writers, just Xerox machines. And much of his sense of humour is based upon ignorance -- which I don't find particularly amusing. Letterman's monologue is rarely gut bustingly funny but his interactions with and reactions to the audience and guests [b]are[/b] hilarious. He's quirky & original (reminds me a little of Ernie Kovacs) and quick-witted.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 6:31:34 AM EST
Where's the "None Of The Above" choice?
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 6:40:19 AM EST
Carson: Classy and Classic. I'm sad that he won't even appear in public anymore. Letterman: Early Letterman was best by far. Who else remembers his specialty "suits" such as his alka seltzer suit or velco suit? New Letterman is ok, but he seems to be leaning towards cranky old man funny these days. Leno: Hit and Miss. I do appreciate that Leno seems to be a genuinely nice guy, both publically and privately. And his car/motorcycle collection is to drool for.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 7:17:57 AM EST
Originally Posted By cluster: Leno... of course I only watch the monologe//
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And headlines, but seriously, thats it Keving67
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 8:11:19 AM EST
None of the above. If I'm not working that night, I've got much better things to do at that that time of night------and if the wife's too tired, there's always AR15.com [:D]
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 8:30:00 AM EST
Originally Posted By rainman: Jack Parr, had the Tonight Show before Carson. Started it.
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Actually, the original host of the Tonight Show was Steve Allen. He created the show. Jack Parr came after him. USPC40 [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/USPC40/line.gif[/img] [url=www.nra.org][b][red]NRA[/red][/url] [url=www.nra.org][blue]Life Member[/blue][/url] [url=www.gunowners.org][b][red]GOA[/red] [/url] [url=www.gunowners.org][blue]Life Member[/blue][/url] [url=www.saf.org][red]SAF[/red][/url] [url=www.saf.org][blue]Supporter[/blue][/url] [url=sas-aim.org][red]SAS[/red][/url] [url=sas-aim.org][blue]Supporter[/blue][/b][/url] [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/USPC40/alabamaflag.gif[/img]
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 8:32:32 AM EST
One thing that really bugs me about Leno is his tendency to re-emphasize his joke after the punchline. Imagine your buddy nudging you repeatedly after each joke "Did you get it? Huh? Huh? Huh?" Really annoying. Is Dave still doing his Top Ten? I've been away.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 8:33:30 AM EST
In my opinion, it's not even close - Carson, hands down. Second place - Leno. Letterman is just plain irritating to watch.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 8:41:20 AM EST
Oh geez, I forgot about Steve Allen. Was it called the Tonight Show when he had it?
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 6:45:51 PM EST
Carson was the best!
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 6:55:26 PM EST
Originally Posted By HvyAR: Carson was the best!
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You are correct, sir!
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 7:02:26 PM EST
Leno. But Conan is better than them all.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 7:16:50 PM EST
pick from 2 - pick from 5?
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