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Posted: 12/10/2001 6:33:38 PM EDT
And,it looks like the Daisy cutter is back in business...wonder where are our fae's? Did we expend them all during the Southwest Asian campaign? source--- BBC news online: Afghan anti-Taleban fighters say they have seized a key supply tunnel in the Tora Bora cave complex in eastern Afghanistan where they are fighting to dislodge Osama Bin Laden's forces. Fierce fighting is under way in the region which has long been a stronghold of the fugitive militant leader - the chief suspect in the 11 September attacks on America. The anti-Taleban Northern Alliance said that its forces, backed by US B-52 bombers, had captured strategic heights. According to the alliance, the al-Qaeda leader is still in the area. But Washington said it could not confirm Bin Laden's whereabouts. A local anti-Taleban commander, Mohammed Amin, said his forces had captured the supply tunnel and also two al-Qaeda command centres. But as BBC correspondent Peter Greste reports from the scene, it could be weeks or even months before al-Qaeda is defeated in the forbidding mountain terrain. US forces on Sunday targeted one of the caves with a giant "daisy cutter" bomb. The 6,800 kilogram (15,000-pound) weapon, which can destroy everything within a 600-metre radius, has been used only two or three times in the US campaign. Elsewhere, a retired Afghan army general warned that only regular US or Afghan soldiers could drive out Bin Laden's fighters. "They can hide there as long as they want unless confronted," said General Shahnawaz Tanai, who served as an Afghan defence minister before fleeing to Pakistan in 1990. No wonder dikhed wants to commit suicide...we're all over his ass.[heavy] [b][blue]NAKED[/blue][/b]
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