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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/2/2002 11:40:08 AM EST
I am planning a trip to Kalifornia in July and will be traveling with my 30ft travel trailer. While traveling and camping I normally have most of my guns with me. By taking my postban ar-15 into Kalifornia, what sort of laws might I be breaking?
Link Posted: 5/2/2002 12:28:30 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/2/2002 1:08:53 PM EST
In short, please don't come and spend money in this state, as it will only go to worthless politician's vote grubbing programs helping illegal immigrants across the border to get fertility drugs, drop a youngun, and get a voter ID card for them both.
Link Posted: 5/2/2002 1:23:12 PM EST
Really, the only way you could bring an AR (or other Calif.-designated A.W.) into Kalifornia is if you're going to a match that has been sanctioned by a recognized association (NRA, etc.) And I believe there's no exception for hicap mags. ...and that would be pretty much limited to going to/from said sanctioned match. Idling around in-state too much before or after could result in a bust - law is untested and murky, would you like to be the 1st test case? So leave the AR at home. Bring a bolt gun, or Mini14 or M14/M1A with 10rd mags, or an SKS *without* detachable mag. [SKS' w/detach mag - even 10rnds! - are considered AWs by 1989 Roberti-Roos Act.] BTW: while travelling thru Kalif with a handgun is indeed legal providing it's "safely" stored in your vehicle (unless you stay beyond, what is it? 60 days and are considered a 'personal handgun importer' and thus have to reg your handgun), this does NOT mean you can also bring in a hicap mag for your handgun. Federal pre/ postban hicap mag status is irrelevant here; noone can bring in new hicap mags except for existing residents who had theirs grandfathered (and who are allowed to travel in/out of state with them). Like the other poster said, try to avoid spending $$$ in Kalifornia. It just feeds the liberalism. Bill Wiese San Mateo, CA
Link Posted: 5/2/2002 10:22:43 PM EST
Thanks for all of the good gun law advice from everyone. I will leave my ar at home. As far as spending money I'll probably leave a few bucks there. Really only going to take my son to a football camp but will probably visit a few amusement parks while there.
Link Posted: 5/3/2002 12:21:22 AM EST
amusement parks eh? Disneyland's always good for the little kids and if u wanna spend some time with wifey. Do not go to California Adventure, its a small wasted POS that is totally overpriced. I really don't know why its not connected to the original Disneyland. And all it did was raise admission prices for both parks. Anyway, six flags magic mountain is good too, but its all the way up past the valley, and well it gets freaking hot in the summer. Last time i went power went out, and the park closed. As for the AR, sorry man. It's too much of a pain to try to bring it in. After the great AW ban/sweep, i took all my rifles out of Kaliban and leave them in Nevada. Didnt want to register it. =oT Oh well
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