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Posted: 9/8/2004 9:11:47 PM EDT
This was sent to me by a friend.

Tom "Baby Huey" Lockhart is a member of my combat aviator group (The
CasBar) and he was also the flight instructor of 2LT George W. Bush.
V/R, Ratman

-------- Original Message --------

Stand tall, Vietnam veterans!
It's payback time... Remember the reception you received when you
returned from your one-year tour in Nam...the shouts of "Baby killer!
Rapist! Scumbag!"?

Well, I do, and now I can show my displeasure with one
of those directly responsible for thosefalse accusations...accusations
which caused the citizens of America to turn against the very soldiers
tasked with the defense of this great nation.

My comrades, John Kerry
betrayed us and broke the faith with every Vietnam veteran when he
returned from his tour and falsely accused his fellow soldiers of
attorcities. The saddest part of all is that he did it solely to further
his own political ambitions.

The United States Armed Forces have never and will never condone the type
of attrocities Kerry falsely accused us of committing when he testified
before a congressional committee in April of 1971.

Senator Kerry's nineteen-year voting record in the U.S. Senate clearly
shows that he is weak on defense and is certainlyh no friend of the
United States Armed Forces. I find it difficult to believe that he would
ask those whom he betrayed to support him in his bid to the the

He is the one who opened those old wounds of the Vietnam War, and now it
is the Vietnam Veterans who will, in all likelyhood, decide his fate in
the Presidential election.

Fellow veterans, it will give me great pleasure to step into the voting
booth and cast my vote against the candidate who betrayed us all. I
sincerely hope you will be joining me.

"Let's roll!"
Thomas G. Lockhart
Vietnam veteran
1965-66 1971-72
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